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Washington Wizards Playoff Details

The Washington Wizards franchise has a proud history dating back to the days of the Baltimore and Washington Bullets, with some quality performances in the playoffs accompanying some of that rich history. During the time of the Wizards in the NBA Playoffs, the team has played championship-caliber basketball, formed some entertaining rivalries, and competed on the biggest stage in the NBA.

Washington’s first NBA championship came in the 1978 NBA Playoffs, when the team won a seven-game series to defeat the Seattle SuperSonics. That team was led by Wes Unseld, who won Finals MVP honors for his performance throughout the series. The title was a part of a five-year period for the Bullets where they made the Finals in three out of those five years.

More recently, the Wizards have had two distinct eras of playoff basketball. One was the Gilbert Arenas era, while the other was the one led by John Wall and Bradley Beal. The Arenas era saw “Agent Zero” use his playmaking ability to score at will against quality opponents during the Eastern Conference playoffs, while the Wall and Beal Wizards relied on the more modern notion of getting to the rim and kicking the ball out for open threes when the defense was pulled in.

During the Arenas era of Wizards playoff basketball, the team had a rivalry going with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs at that time were led by none other than LeBron James, whose incredible ability to impact the game both offensively and defensively made it possible for the Cavaliers to get by the Wizards, who were always game to take the Cavaliers to the limit even if they didn’t win a given game.

The Wall and Beal Wizards frequently have received headaches from the Raptors and Hawks, making them rivals of the team during that era of Wizards basketball. These games were often star-studded, with the Raptors sending DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry at the Wizards’ backcourt pairing. This made for very fun games where some of the best guards in the league were tasked with guarding one another with extremely high stakes.

When Do Wizards Playoff Tickets Go On Sale?

Wizards playoff tickets usually go on sale in March or April. This happens when the team is on the verge of clinching a spot in the NBA Playoffs. It is also something that can happen earlier or later in the season depending on what the playoff race in the Eastern Conference looks like in a given season.

How Much Do Wizards Playoff Tickets Cost?

Tickets to see the Wizards in the playoffs cost $115 on average on the secondary market. The Wizards’ ticket prices for the playoffs can also vary depending on how well the team is doing that season, as well as who the team is playing, what round of the playoffs the team is currently in, along with where in the arena a fan wants to sit for a Wizards playoff game. There may be tickets below that average available for each playoff game.

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