Breaking Down Bonnaroo’s Parking Passes

Feb 5, 2020


April Hanna

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Bringing your car to Bonnaroo this summer? Only attending the festival for one day? Or maybe you’re planning on car camping with your Bonnaroovian crew. Whether you’ll be there for just one day or all weekend long, you’ve got to park your car somewhere. Bringing your vehicle to Bonnaroo may seem daunting at first. Have no fear, festival heads – here at TBA, we’ve mapped out everything you need to know about parking at Bonnaroo this summer.

Types of Parking Passes at Bonnaroo

Before diving in head-first, we figured we would break down all the different types of parking passes offered to Bonnaroo festival attendees. Whether you plan to camp, or only attend the festival for a day, Bonnaroo offers a parking pass that will completely suit your needs.

Day Parking

Bonnaroo offers day parking passes for those who are driving to the festival grounds and have a general admission ticket. This pass allots one car a single parking space in the day lot, starting at 8am on Thursday, June 11 until the end of the festival. While you can park your car all weekend long, those with a day parking pass are not allowed to camp with or sleep inside their car. (In this case, you would need a car camping pass – read more about all things camping at Bonnaroo here!) Additionally, vehicles larger than a standard 15-passenger van require an RV parking pass.

Day parking passes start at $40 plus fees per car. Other parking options and add-ons are available for purchase here.

Car Camping

Car camping passes allow you and your crew to park your vehicle in a designated space on the festival campgrounds and camp alongside your car. Car camping is Bonnaroo’s most popular camping option, and if you’re going to bring your car to the festival, why not get the full experience and pitch a tent for the weekend? Check out more info on car camping here.

Car camping passes start at $60 plus fees – but if you buy four GA tickets, you’ll receive a free car camping pass. Check out all of Bonnaroo’s options offered to car campers here.

RV Camping

Bonnaroo considers any vehicle that holds more than 15 passengers as an RV. These vehicles need an RV pass in order to park on the festival grounds. Additionally, it’s important to note that those who bring an RV or other larger vehicle usually camp on the festival grounds as well. Check here for more info on RV passes and camping alongside your RV at Bonnaroo.

RV parking passes start at $250 plus fees. Check out all of the RV pass options available here.

Bonnaroo Tickets

Official Bonnaroo tickets go on sale on January 9. There are several ticket types, tiers, and add-ons, so be sure to check out all of your options. Four-day general admission passes start at $319 plus fees.​ Looking to shop around, or waiting until summer gets closer to secure your plans? You can always find tickets on SeatGeek! Use code BONNAROO20 at checkout for $20 off your ticket purchase. Browse tickets here or view select listings below.

(Image by Ben Klea on Unsplash)