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More about Stacey Achungo

Stacey Achungo

Stacey is a Frontend Engineer at SeatGeek. She's one of the “remoters” of the Web team, working from Andela’s Nairobi, Kenya HQ. Prior to joining the team, Stacey graduated from the University of Shefffield, UK, with a degree in Electronic Engineering. When she is not working, she's either traveling, spending time with her nieces and nephews, learning about something new, or doing experimental cooking.

More about Gordon Atkins

Gordon Atkins

Gordon is a slowing midfielder on SeatGeek's weeknight soccer team. Between games, he also works on a variety of business development initiatives. His previous work experience traverses corporate strategy, interest-rate derivatives, and dressing up as a mascot for the now defunct Daytona Cubs. He graduated from Williams College in 2011, with majors in economics and French.

Favorite Sports Teams:Knicks, YankeesFavorite Musicians:Odesza, The Lumineers

More about Roxanne Bates

Roxanne Bates

Roxanne is a Lead CX Specialist at SeatGeek. Originally from London, England, Roxanne moved to the US to study Art and Art History at Rollins College. Before SeatGeek, Roxanne worked as Music Director at 91.5FM WPRK and as Marketing and Partnerships Manager at TAG, The Awareness Group. Her love of music brought her to New York and when she is not at work, she sees as many live shows as humanly possible.

Favorite Bands:The Smiths, Blur, Elbow, Foo FightersFavorite Food:Chocolate

More about Steve Beal

Steve Beal

Steve is a Product Manager at SeatGeek. When he first joined as a Product Analyst he became SeatGeek's fourth Steve and fourth Dartmouth grad. A New Hampshire native, Steve enjoys hiking, traveling, and supporting Boston-area sports teams.

Favorite Famous Steves:Steve Irwin, Steve Carell, these StevesLikes:Argentine asado, these pants

More about Sarah Berk

Sarah Berk

Sarah B. is a Payments & Risk Agent who feels honored to be the second Sarah to grace the halls of SeatGeek. A TarHeel who spends her free time rewatching every episode of Law & Order: SVU, Sarah B. also enjoys afternoon tea, playing the ukulele, and performing comedy of the improv and stand up variety.

Favorite Whiskey:All of them

More about Ray Bermudez

Ray Bermudez

I was born and raised in NYC where I had started a career as a musician (guitar). Decided to go to school for digital arts and design and graduated from Full Sail University. Worked as a art director for a real estate company in Orlando before coming back to NY and falling head first into finance somehow. I am training to be a competitive Muay Thai fighter (amateur) which I've done for 6 years and I still play guitar.

More about Rob Boggess

Rob Boggess

Rob is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek's NYC office. As an Oregon native, Rob enjoys hiking and biking in the great outdoors, and a nice full bodied Pinot Noir. After getting his degree in Arts Administration at Wagner, he gained 5 years customer service experience in the retail and hospitality space. He has even dabbled in theatre work. He believes in taking the stairs instead of escalators, that breakfast food is the best at all times, and that In Bruges is a Christmas movie.

Roots for: :Mariners and Trail Blazers (read: cries a lot)

More about Ian Borthwick

Ian Borthwick

Half kiwi (New Zealander), half mule (Colby College), Ian possess uncanny versatility which he applies to marketing strategy at SeatGeek. In his prior life, Ian focused on sports marketing at Wasserman Media Group, where he helped bring San Francisco’s infamous Bay to Breakers to life. In his downtime, Ian leads the KD to DC movement and never says no to a croissant.

Top 3 Cereals Dead or Alive:Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats

More about Erin Bourne

Erin Bourne

Erin is an Office Coordinator at SeatGeek's "Wild West" Portland location. She moved out west from North Carolina by way of the Oregon Trail, and survived by not fording the river and avoiding dysentery. She's a lover of musicals, film noir, and her cat Stevie. Not to be confused with New York Erin.

Favorite Musicals:Rent!, Funny Girl, Sound of MusicFavorite B Things:Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica...and the Bourne Trilogy

More about Emily Bunin

Emily Bunin

Emily Bunin is a Senior Staff Accountant at SeatGeek. After studying Philosophy at the University of Delaware, Emily spent a year thinking deeply about her future before deciding to pursue a career in finance. A crossword enthusiast, Emily loves solving data and number puzzles at her job on a daily basis. In her spare time Emily can be found doing the NY Times crossword and doting excessively on her two cats, Dax and Maude. She dreams of one day being the world's most financially savvy crazy cat lady.

Favorite Celebrities:Will Shortz and Neil DeGrasse TysonMost Surprising Collection:Hundreds of four-leaf clovers

More about Angela Bunt

Angela Bunt

Before being hired as SeatGeek's full-time blog editor, Angela was working out of her Queens apartment as one of SeatGeek's freelance blog writers. Before that, she was employed as an ad trafficker (don't worry, nobody knows what that is) for various tech startups in NYC. She's currently figuring out how to reconcile her copious amounts of in-office beef jerky consumption with her nightly workout routine.

Likes:Whiskey, live music, spinning, liverwurstDislikes:Sour cream, moths, Mumford & Sons

More about Justin Burns

Justin Burns

Justin is a Product Designer at SeatGeek. He has a BFA from the University of Memphis where he studied graphic/web design. Born, raised, and currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it’s safe to say Justin bleeds black and gold. Outside of designing, he can be found enjoying time with his wife, Tia, binge watching The Walking Dead, and making/eating venison jerky.

Likes:All Pittsburgh teams, coffee, huntingDislikes:The rest of the AFC North

More about Duncan Callantine

Duncan Callantine

Duncan is a Customer Experience Specialist. He recently moved to Portland from Brooklyn along with his wife, Jess and dog Cheddar. He dreams on one day fronting an 80's TV Theme Show cover band. Raised outside Philly, he graduated from Penn State with a degree in Finance.

Interests:Exploring the great outdoors, Dr. Pepper

More about Evan Carter

Evan Carter

Evan is a Senior Systems Engineer at Seatgeek. Born in Los Angeles, he has been obsessively tinkering with computers from a young age, eventually leading him to do Network Security consulting and Systems Engineering. A graduate of Columbia University, he has many interests including soccer, politics, weather, and transportation planning.

Sports Team:New York Red Bulls

More about Winson Chiu

Winson Chiu

Winson is an Android Engineer at SeatGeek. With a strong interest in Android UI/UX design, he works to improve SeatGeeks's already awesome Android app. In his spare time, you can find him listening to instrumental and EDM music, tinkering with his desktop build, or gaming on said desktop.

More about Ben Clark

Ben Clark

Ben is the VP of Customer Retention at SeatGeek. Prior to joining the team, Ben was a business intelligence analyst for Buddy Media, which was acquired by He also worked at Yelp and Clover. Data & efficiency are two of his favorite things. He is embarrassed by his proficiency in Microsoft Excel, and doesn't like to talk about it.

Favorite Artists:Andrew Bird, The Avett Brothers, David Byrne, Radiohead, Menomena, Big Boi, ClipseFavorite Sports Teams:Vanderbilt Commodores, North Carolina Tar Heels, U.S.A. BasketballFavorite Board Game:PandemicBest TV Show of all Time:The Wire

More about Matt Clunan

Matt Clunan

Matt is a Marketing Analyst at SeatGeek. As a Vermont native, Matt grew up with skis strapped to his feet and finally took them off after graduating from Colby College in 2010. Matt balances his SeatGeek life with a life in the fashion industry as a Model in New York City. When not crunching numbers at the office Matt can be found on his bike rushing from one casting to the next.

Favorite Sports Teams:Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, BruinsInterests:Golf, skiing, running, biking

More about Jon Coe

Jon Coe

Jon is a software engineer at SeatGeek, where he something something python something sql queries something pull requests is anyone still reading? Despite his New York roots and love for lasagna, tiramisu, and meatballs, Jon is no more Italian than Yo Yo Ma. He does not play the cello but he has donated his hair.

Favorite animated character:ArcherFavorite internet character:Ken MFavorite biographer:Paula

More about Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Adam is the VP of Engineering at SeatGeek. He is passionate about medium-sized data sets, scalable architectures, and his personal motto is "Build the simplest thing that could possibly work." Prior to joining the company in 2010, he spent 2 years at Microsoft scaling web services to support hundreds of millions of users on Adam's non software interests include economics, jazz, statistics, fantasy football, and politics.

Favorite Sports Teams:Jets, Mets, Stanford FootballFavorite Pizza:John's of Bleeker Street

More about Cosmin Coita

Cosmin Coita

Cosmin is a graphic designer at SeatGeek, where he is responsible for the creation of beautiful seating maps. He completed his undergraduate degree in 2012, studying industrial, interior, and graphic design. His interests include photography and snowboarding, and though he is not a big sports fan, he has learned quite a lot about American sports from drawing maps!

Favorite Drink:CokeFavorite T-shirt:"Enjoy Coca-Cola"

More about Teddy Collins

Teddy Collins

Teddy is the resident Excel ninja and financial modeling guru at SeatGeek. Previously, he was a Product Planner on the iPhone team at Apple.

More about Darius-George Copil

Darius-George Copil

Darius-George Copil is a graphic designer at SeatGeek, working on creating the most beautiful seating maps in the world. He completed his undergraduate studies in both graphic design and industrial design from the University of Visual-Arts of Oradea, Romania. He loves drawing traditionally and digitally, and his freelance work includes t-shirt design, mascots, character design, illustrations for animations, logo designs, etc. His family name – "Copil" – in Romanian means "kid", and you can imagine all the jokes he must have heard throughout his school years! P.S. His profile picture was taken in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in King's Landing, where the Game of Thrones series was filmed.

Favorite artists:J. C. Leyendecker, Franz Franzetta, Michelangelo, LeonardoFavorite writers:Arthur C. Clarke, Alastair Reynolds

More about Stephen D'Amico

Stephen D'Amico

Stephen is an Android Engineer at SeatGeek. A Wisconsin native, he is a connoisseur of beer, cheese and bratwurst. Stephen is also an avid sports fan and previously did Android Engineering at ESPN. He supports most Wisconsin teams (Brewers, Packers, Bucks) and his alma mater, the University of Iowa, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. When he's not hacking away in Android Studio, Stephen enjoys brewing beer, golfing, bowling, softball, snowboarding and gaming.

Favorite Beer:Lakefront Brewery Wisconsinite ("Because it tastes like home!")Most Impressive Sports Accomplishment:Little League All-Star Game appearance in 2003

More about Russ D'Souza

Russ D'Souza

Russ is the co-founder of SeatGeek and helps with BD, recruiting, and marketing. He was a former member of the illustrious SeatGeek Party Planning Committee but was ousted after an internal power struggle. His proudest achievement is riding the coattails of Matt Clunan to win the 2014 SeatGeek Open Golf Tournament. Beyond golf, Russ’s current athletic endeavors fall in two discrete categories: hula hooping and boxing (one of those is true). Russ is a 2007 graduate of Dartmouth where he and Jack started their first entrepreneurial forays into furniture rental.

More about Lily Dai

Lily Dai

Lily is a Financial Operations Analyst at SeatGeek. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and attended the University of Southern California where she studied Business, Film, and Accounting. She's been warned by her NYC friends that she can't wear workout clothes in public anymore, but is hoping to start a new trend in the city. In her free time, Lily enjoys ultimate frisbee, snapchatting her kitten, hiking, and trying new coffee shops.

More about George Daole-Wellman

George Daole-Wellman

George is a Front-end Engineer from UMass Amherst who spent his formative years in Atlanta. He is deeply into prog rock and heavy metal and a huge music snob. He previously worked for IBM.

More about Kevan Davidson

Kevan Davidson

Kevan is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek’s Portland office. A longtime resident of Portland, he received a degree in English from Portland State University. Before joining SeatGeek, he worked for Netflix’s customer service team in a variety of capacities. His spare hours are spent making strange music, reading old books and cat-wrangling.

Favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies:Black Eagle, Timecop, Double Impact, Hard Target, Bloodsport

More about Andy Dawson

Andy Dawson

Andy is an Web Engineer at SeatGeek. He graduated from Birmingham University (the one in England) last century before leaving the sunny climes of the UK behind to work in the exciting field of life insurance and travel the world. Andy now works on improving SeatGeek's web platform remotely from Spain where he's called home for the past 10 years. When Andy is not working or coding away on an open source project (such as CakePHP) he's probably snowboarding, sea kayaking, eating good food travelling or asleep.

Favorite Fruit:Valencian Belly-button oranges

More about Jose Diaz-Gonzalez

Jose Diaz-Gonzalez

Jose is an engineer from Pace University whose primary concern is bringing down the site constantly in order to keep the other engineers employed. He's a frequent contributor to the CakePHP Framework, and spends most of his time writing open source code on Github under the s/n josegonzalez. You can likely find him making snarky remarks on CakePHP's IRC channel or writing manic tweets as @savant.

Most Ridiculous Purchase:Unicorn tattoo. They are apparently permanentBiggest Regret:Unicorn tattoo. They are apparently permanent

More about Mark Diffley

Mark Diffley

Mark is trying to change the reputation of accountants as people you don’t want at your party, but he mostly has to invite himself. He was born and raised in Ohio where he also attended Miami University, no, not the one in Florida. He then hightailed it to Manhattan and considered himself a New Yorker when he no longer allowed old ladies to steal taxis from him. He most recently worked at KAYAK and hopes to leave any bad habits that he acquired there behind. He’s an avid traveler and always loves to trade travel tips.

More about Mike Dirolf

Mike Dirolf

Mike is an engineer at SeatGeek. Before SeatGeek he created a group email service called Fiesta and worked at 10gen on MongoDB. When he's not behind a screen you can probably find him playing soccer or trying to work his way through an endlessly growing reading list.

Favorite Team:The New York Giants

More about Erin Elsham

Erin Elsham

Erin is a part of SG's wonderfully awesome Ops Team as an Office Coordinator. Outside of planning super fun events and making SeatGeek the best place to work, she spends a lot of her time in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and adorable dog. She has also run away part-time with the circus performing on trapeze, in hopes of creating a SeatGeek Circus troupe.

Favorite Food:TacosStagename:E on Trapeze!

More about Andy Enkeboll

Andy Enkeboll

Andy is a Data Scientist at SeatGeek and really likes Vanderbilt sports. He once plugged a USB cable in the right way on the first try, so he's kind of a magician.

More about Elise Ensslin

Elise Ensslin

Elise is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek’s Portland office. She was born in Denver, Colorado (Go Broncos!) and grew up in Arizona. She recently moved to Portland, Oregon with her husband and 2 adorable cats. They couldn’t love it more! A true geek at heart Elise loves comics, video games and cosplaying. An animal lover through and through, she MUST walk up to every animal she sees, talk to them and try to take them home with her (seriously, this has become a problem). However, her husband has learned he can easily deter her animal kidnapping with promises of red wine and night cheese.

Some Fave Artists:The Spice Girls, Cibo Matto, Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake, Jack White, Glen Hansard, Walk the Moon, Florence & the MachineFave Sports Teams:Denver Broncos, Kerry Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor

More about Michael Filippone

Michael Filippone

Michael is a graduate of Providence College where he lived with a pet pig named Hank. By graduation, Hank - initially thought to be a "tea cup" pig - could barely fit in a bathtub. Michael definitely peaked as a bowl cut-sporting 7-year-old and has been trying to gracefully (read: unsuccessfully) ride the regression ever since.

Favorite Movie:Hitch

More about Zach Finch

Zach Finch

Zach is an Event Expert at SeatGeek working out of the flavorful city of Portland. He originated Californy-way, where he attended UC Santa Cruz (go Slugs) and got bored of the beach - but everything is better now. When he isn't comparing Thai restaurants' red curries, he enjoys pushing buttons on a camera, snuggling his unenthused cat, and throwing up The Horns at live music events. After a few beers Zach may write obtuse slam poetry about you.

Spirit Animal:HummingbirdGuilty Pleasures:H&M, Agent Fresco, American "Cheese"

More about Abby Fink

Abby Fink

Abby grew up on the frozen tundra of Minnesota learning to skate and stay alive in zero degree weather. Upon graduating from Colorado College, she found herself working in the beer industry in Denver. She then backpacked around Thailand and Myanmar before moving to NYC. She is now part of the Recruiting Team at SeatGeek.

Favorite NY Brewery:Ommegang and SixpointFavorite CO Brewery(s):Great Divide and Crooked StaveLeast Favorite Brewery:No such thing

More about Victoria Freeman

Victoria Freeman

Victoria spends her time at SG keeping Russ & Jack in their proper places, buying fun treats for new hires, and making sure the office doesn’t run out of Jack Link’s beef jerky. On weekends that she’s not spending all day doing her hair, she’s probably enjoying brunch, thrift shopping or binge-watching Suits.

Likes:Alliteration, Nana’s chocolate cakeDislikes:When other people are embarrassed, being called VickyFun Fact:SeatGeek's own Abby Fink is related to the famous Doctor Fink who played in the band Prince & the Revolution

More about April Gagliardi

April Gagliardi

April is the Email Operations Manager at SeatGeek. She was born and raised in New York but started saying y'all after getting her undergrad degree at UNC Chapel Hill. April is a diehard Tarheel fan who has tried to erase all of April 2016 from her brain. She's a Dunkin addict who resorts to Starbucks when necessary and thinks the best movies were made in the 70s and 80s. A little girl with big glasses, she's never seen the top of anyone's head, but she hopes one day to know what tall people hide up there.

Favorite food:Anything with cheeseLoves:Emojis, Sephora, Throwback musicDislikes:Onions on her salad, Duke

More about Drew Gallego

Drew Gallego

Drew is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek’s Portland office. He was born in the Philippines and grew up in California. He recently moved to Portland with his girlfriend and is slowly acclimating to seeing rain/water again. An artistic individual, Drew is a published photographer, has had a gallery showing, and takes Instagram quite seriously. He graduated from UC Davis where he received his BA in Studio Art, with an emphasis in photography. When not at work, you will have to find Drew when he goes out for a bike ride or explores while taking photos. Otherwise, you will find him at home attempting to really learn how to cook and binge watching shows.

Favorite Sports Teams:Golden State Warriors & San Francisco GiantsFavorite Disney/Pixar Movies:Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo/Dory, UP Favorite Music Genres:Hip-Hop & EDM

More about Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

Luis was originally born and raised in NY State and uber stoked to be back in PDX joining SeatGeek, after an amazing bucket listy year spent in LA where he worked most recently with Hulu as a Virtual Experience Specialist. He is a huge TV/Film Geek and loves to binge stream shows while being hopped up on coffee products. He loves to cook, write and work out, recently dropping 50 lbs and counting (he's planning to attend tough mudder!). Luis has a passion for tech, people and teams that can challenge and teach him. He appreciates the start-up culture, getting his first experience with the gorgeous folks at He's very happy to be with Seatgeek and looks forward to learning and growing with the team.

More about Nick Gardiner

Nick Gardiner

Nick is a Marketing Coordinator at SeatGeek and recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Nick is an avid Eagles fan and believes it's impossible to find a good cheesesteak outside of Philly. When not at work, Nick can be found playing pickup basketball, managing his SeatGeek fantasy football team, and watching TV. His current shows include Empire, the Flash, and Bob’s Burgers.

Favorite Saying:"Ball is life"Favorite Eagle's Game:December 19th, 2010 Eagles vs. Giants

More about Dhruv Garg

Dhruv Garg

Dhruv writes text files that tell computers what to do. He can be found in the gym when it is statistically the most empty. Occasionally, he ventures out and engages in a game which involves throwing balls into baskets, which he is pretty good at. He is somewhat of an audiophile and enjoys listening to all kinds of music from gypsy guitar to hiphop beats, the focus of his last startup. Dhruv was born in a remote Indian village, but somehow grew up in Northern California.

Likes:Washing dishes, super-chunky peanut butterDislikes:Taking out the trash, chunky peanut butter

More about Katie Goetsch

Katie Goetsch

Katie is a San Francisco Bay Area native, longtime Boston resident and recent New York transplant with a degree in Film from Boston University. When not working as SeatGeek's Payments & Risk Agent, she enjoys watching movies, doing crossword puzzles and talking your ear off about random trivia (Want to understand the meaning of the Frasier theme song? No? She'll tell you anyway!).

Likes:Tossed salads and scrambled eggs

More about Nelson Gonzalez-Arango

Nelson Gonzalez-Arango

Nelson is a CX Specialist at SeatGeek’s Portland office. Born and raised in PDX he thoroughly enjoys everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. An avid hiker who enjoys identifying rocks, retelling their stories, and putting together a bigger regional picture to put into context what you’re walking through. With a focus on Geology he loves all aspects rock, including bouldering, minerals, soils, Heavy Metal and Dwayne Johnson. Before SeatGeek, he’s worked for Reed College identifying the most dangerous aspects of Chemistry students concoctions, for Apple retail in various roles, and Squarespace advising websites. When not working, he enjoys reading comics, working on language skills, and general tomfoolery.

More about Chris Gray

Chris Gray

Chris is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon where he used to do brain surgeries on rats. Before joining SeatGeek's Customer Experience team, Chris worked at RCO coloring studio making films and commercials really POP. When not working, he enjoys doing movie trivia and playing board games. Chris was born and raised in Boston, but now lives in Brooklyn.

Likes:Chocolate, BTVS, and all things BostonDislikes:Cherries, depressed puppies, and Wes Anderson's film aesthetic

More about Nicole Grazioso

Nicole Grazioso

Nicole is brand new to the SG team. She most recently worked at Etsy, where she wrangled the Payments team there for a few years. When not trying to learn everything at light speed, she can be found chasing her toddler, Joe.

Loves:Avocados and HBO

More about Connor Gregoire

Connor Gregoire

Connor is a marketing analyst at SeatGeek. He studied economics and was the editor of the school newspaper at Georgetown University, where he learned among other things that regular season success can’t protect you from Ohio, VCU, NC State or a school that didn’t exist when you were born. Connor has spent his last few summers working at ballparks up and down the mid-Atlantic, but his heart will always belong to Fenway Park and his beloved Boston Red Sox. He was once ranked in the top 500 American FIFA 10 players on Xbox Live but isn’t sure how to feel about that anymore.

Guilty Pleasures:Corona and lime, country musicFavorite Athlete:Scrappy McScraperson aka Dustin Pedroia

More about Janel Griffith

Janel Griffith

Janel Griffith works as a Customer Experience Admin here at Seatgeek. Janel hails from the great state of Indiana and is a proud Hoosier. After graduating from Butler University with a dual degree in Creative Writing and Spanish, she stumbled her way into a career in HR and customer service. She relocated to New York City seven years ago and now lives in Harlem with her fiance, Obi, and her cat, Pumpkin. When she's not working, she likes to go to concerts or sporting events or just hang out at home watching bad TV. She also enjoys being an aunt to 9 of the coolest kids on the planet and visiting them every chance she gets.

More about Jack Groetzinger

Jack Groetzinger

Jack co-founded SeatGeek, where he currently focuses on Email and Slack Administration. Prior to SeatGeek he specialized in writing code for IE7 compatibility mode, a skill he is sad to observe is no longer valued in the job market. Jack studied math and econ at Dartmouth College, but also has a sensitive side.

Favorite Team:Everything from ClevelandLeast Favorite Athlete:Lebron James

More about Dallas Gutauckis

Dallas Gutauckis

Dallas is SeatGeek's Mobile Engineering Lead. He enjoys spending time enhancing Android UX, especially with animations and other whimsical doodads. Outside (and sometimes during) work he enjoys biking, hockey, foosball, photography and Oxford commas. Dallas only listens to singles.

Favorite Team:Philadelphia FlyersFavorite Food:PopcornFun Fact:Once won a year supply of m&m'sFavorite Band:Matt & KimFavorite Favorite:Favourite

More about Sam Hage

Sam Hage

Sam is a Software Engineer at SeatGeek. He joins the team straight from Middlebury College, where he captained the ultimate frisbee team and contributed to the eventual rise of our robot overlords by writing a mediocre crossword-solving AI for his senior thesis. He's still trying to figure out what adults do for fun other than cook.

Stock up:Grapefruit flavored thingsStock down:Grapefruits themselves

More about Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

Alex is the Director of Ticket Operations at SeatGeek. He graduated from Louisiana State University where he majored in Marketing. Prior to joining the team, Alex worked in the NBA and NFL for the New Orleans Pelicans/New Orleans Saints. Born and raised in New Orleans, Alex enjoys eating things most humans would not even consider (mainly boiled crawfish and fried alligator) and loves spending time with his wife Molly and daughter Paige.

Likes:Bourbon, Country Music, Veggie SticksDislikes:IPA's, Pineapple on Pizza, Veggie Straws

More about David Harrison

David Harrison

David is a CX Specialist at SeatGeek. He grew up wearing gym shorts in February and roasting pork with family in Miami, FL. Before joining SG, he worked as a filmmaker for Columbia University's Center for Nuclear Studies. David spends a lot of his free time lamenting the state of the Knicks.

Favorite episode of The Office:Scott's TotsLeast favorite episode:N/A

More about Andrew Hart

Andrew Hart

Andrew is Platform Director of SeatGeek Open. He was previously the CTO of Pogoseat, helping fans get the best possible experience at live events through seat upgrades. A science and technology nerd, Andrew cut his teeth at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, building large-scale data management pipelines to support research missions. Andrew is a travel fanatic (he's been to over 20 countries and every continent except Antarctica), photographer, and, now that he's in New York City for the first time, a budding foodie.

More about Jess Henshaw

Jess Henshaw

Jess is the HR Coordinator at SeatGeek. Prior to landing here she worked in HR at the housewares company OXO. A native of Asheville, NC, she considers herself a sweet tea, deviled-egg and biscuit snob. 95% of the time you'll find her watching Criminal Minds and SVU with her pups Alfredo and Loretta; the other 5% of the time she's either at a concert or finding something to dip in Ranch (most recently it was a cheddar jack Cheez-It. Two thumbs up.).

Favorite Music:Local Natives, Michelle Branch, Foreigner, San Fermin, Milk Carton Kids, Run the JewelsGuilty Pleasure:Paint by numbers

More about Will Herbert

Will Herbert

Will is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek. A native New Yorker, he traveled the country playing poker and owned a tech training business in New York City. He's a fan of all sports and aspire to one day play European handball for the US Olympic team.

Likes:People who touch my beardDislikes:People who touch my beard

More about Jesse Holcomb

Jesse Holcomb

Jesse is a dude from the sunny state of California. He loves a good Netflix binge, and hates a long bio. When not Customer Experience Specializing at SeatGeek, Jesse can be found writing, performing comedy, or learning guitar from teens in cargo shorts on Youtube. (He is not proud of that last one.)

Likes:Avocados, Bay Area hiphop, the movie “In Bruges"Dislikes:Icy sidewalks, when news outlets misuse the word "selfie"

More about Jamie Hooker

Jamie Hooker

Jamie is the Director of Talent at SeatGeek. She graduated from Vanderbilt University, which she shamefully admits she applied to because "Jay Cutler went there". Hailing from the great state of Colorado, Jamie loves skiing and cheering for her Denver Broncos. Jamie previously worked on Digital Sales at SeatGeek, and before that, she spent her time eating cheese and working as a recruiter in Madison, WI.

Favorite Teams:Broncos, CommodoresLikes:Wine, bacon

More about Tiffany Hu

Tiffany Hu

Tiffany is a web engineer / data scientist at SeatGeek. She graduated from the University of Chicago, and spent some time after working on language processing where she fell in love with programming. Outside of the office, some of the things she enjoys are dancing, playing most any kind of game, and eating delicious food.

Recent Favorite Games:Euchre, Dominion, 140Favorite No-shame Guilty Pleasure:Avatar the Last Airbender

More about Jeff Ianello

Jeff Ianello

Jeff is EVP of SG Open Partnerships, focusing on developing relationships with sports properties. Prior to joining SeatGeek, Jeff was a Vice President in Team Marketing & Business Operations at the NBA, and prior to that he’s worked for the Phoenix Suns. A Port Chester, NY native Jeff graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst with a degree in Sport Management in 2002 and was a 2013 Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management “Alumni on the Rise” award winner.

Loves:Spending time with his wife Laura and two daughters, Natalie and JoannaLikes:Binge watching Netflix and all things golf

More about Tess Johnson

Tess Johnson

Tess is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek. She lived all over the South, working at a brewery and then for Scoutmob, before moving to NYC to join the SG team (and to seek out the perfect lox bagel). When she's not at work, you can find her doing improv or stand-up comedy, talking to dogs like they're people, or watching Broad City.

Likes:Guacamole, craft beer, horror movies, wiener dogsDislikes:Wearing socks, brazil nuts

More about Cassandra Jones

Cassandra Jones

Cassandra joins the marketing team as an influencer marketing coordinator, helping tap into diverse spheres of influence across social media to help spread the word about SeatGeek. When she’s not looking for the next #trending topic online, you’ll most likely find her running along the east river, scouting out the best coffee shops in the city, or at a dive bar trying new things on tap. After graduating from UVA in 2015 with a degree in Foreign Affairs and Anthropology, she moved to the East Village where she plans on staying for a while now that the guy at her local bodega remembers who she is.

Likes:Henrik Lundkvist (& the rest of the Rangers), Crunchy PB, Yelp reviewsEnemies:weekend subway service changes, slow walkers

More about Daniel Jordon

Daniel Jordon

Daniel is a Data Scientist at SeatGeek. Outside the office, he really enjoys playing basketball, chess, and table tennis. He once tried playing all three at the same time and won. Also, he thinks music is cool too.

Favorite Team:Lebron JamesFavorite Players:Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook

More about Mike Judd

Mike Judd

Mike is the Podcast and Radio Marketing Coordinator at SeatGeek. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mike graduated from Boston College and is a proud New Englander. Before joining SeatGeek, he worked at and EMC. Mike has seen every living member of Wu-Tang Clan in concert at least twice and spends his free time watching NBA League Pass, tinkering with something musical, or both at the same time. He could get his full name tattooed on his knuckles, but probably never will.

Favorite Foods:Smartfood, chicken salad, mushrooms, grapes (in that order)

More about Vaibhav Kaul

Vaibhav Kaul

Vaibhav works on the engineering team at SeatGeek. Since starting programming at a ripe old age of 8, Vaibhav has been in love with what a computer can do and believes that continuing to write code is the best means to his transformation into a super villain and eventual world domination. Until that time, he hopes to contribute to the amazing product that is SeatGeek.

Favorite Villains:Gru, Darth VaderFavorite Sports Teams:Manchester United, NY Giants, Indian Cricket Team

More about David Kaye

David Kaye

David is the first Australian to join SeatGeek. He moved to New York from Sydney after completing a law degree he has never had to use. As a Marketing Coordinator for SeatGeek's Online Marketing team, David works on user acquisition projects across multiple digital channels.

Favourite Sports Teams:The Bunnies, Swannies, Tahs, Sydney FC, Wallabies, Socceroos, Hockeyroos, Olyroos, Kangaroos, Boomers, Green Caps and the New York KnicksLeast Favourite American Cuisine:Outback SteakhouseFavourite spelling of "favorite":Favourite

More about Ed Kelley

Ed Kelley

Ed is a Web Engineer at SeatGeek. He graduated from Princeton University, where he spent most of his time playing with robots and pointy sticks. A native of San Antonio, Texas, he is going through Mexican food withdrawal and still does not understand the concept of snow.

Favorite Hoagie Haven Sandwich:The Wake Up CallFavorite Greeting:Howdy

More about Shawn Kelley

Shawn Kelley

Shawn is on the Finance team and is the founding father of SeatGeek's growing Portland team. Originally from the Midwest where he used to drink beers with Zack, he now mostly resides in the many coffee shops around Portland (last count he had been to 77 of them). When he isn’t sitting still, he’s probably out driving and taking pictures.

I Love:Coffee, drivingI Don't Love:Onions, mushrooms

More about Sarah Kettler

Sarah Kettler

Sarah works on marketing strategy here at SeatGeek. Before joining SeatGeek, Sarah worked in golf consulting at WME | IMG providing brand guidance for companies looking to use golf sponsorships to obtain their business objectives; i.e., she spent nearly enough time in Florida to be considered a resident and now has a wardrobe full of golf clothes that she can't figure out what to do with. Sarah is a proud Cal Bear and a lifetime California native who is now actively trying to figure out east coast geography and the general concept of cold weather.

Likes:Leftover Thai food for breakfast, hiking and punsDislikes:Cucumbers, fantasy football and when conference room chairs aren’t pushed inLikes & Dislikes:Cal Bears football, St. Louis Rams

More about Zack Kitzmiller

Zack Kitzmiller

Zack is platform engineering lead and a former member of SeatGeek's Party Planning Committee. He's interested in his wife and kids, cats, aviation, beer, hot sauce, Cohen Brother's movies, and dagital cheeses.

Most Recent Listen:

More about Vera Korshunova

Vera Korshunova

In her role as Director of Operations (or Dictator of Operations, as she prefers), Vera makes sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly. She spends her time working on HR, accounting and customer service and thinking up new ways of making SeatGeek the best place to work on the entire planet.

Likes:Plants, secrets, meat snacksDislikes:Mutiny, writing about herself in third person

More about Deana Kovacev

Deana Kovacev

Deana is a Customer Experience Specialist at SeatGeek’s Portland office. With an appetite for travel and adventure, she recently relocated to the West Coast from Boston. Loving her new home, Deana tries to spend as much time outside as possible. When it’s not raining you can find her outside hula-hooping, hiking, and eating at food carts. She is a lover of live music and self-proclaimed crystal collector.

More about Andrew Landis

Andrew Landis

Customer Experience Specialist Andrew Landis is a proud Floridian and purveyor of the nautical lifestyle. He is a long time drummer and music enthusiast. Andrew attended the University of North Florida. Go Ospreys! SWOOP! When not cooking the perfect egg, Andrew enjoys exploring the New York culinary scene. His greatest heroes in life are Jimmy and Martha Landis.

More about Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Ryan is a Frontend Engineer at SeatGeek. Prior to joining the team, Ryan graduated from Duke University and worked in ad tech, where he built creative tools for rich media ad building. When he's not working, he's either playing or watching sports, discovering new music, or feeding his minor addiction to Settlers of Catan.

More about Matthew Legrice

Matthew Legrice

Established in the snowy, top-left corner of Colorado, Matthew is quite comfortable strapping various things to his feet to slide down snow-covered hills. Though the winters in his new home of NYC are much more brutal and slightly less mountainous, his Marketing Designer position at SeatGeek helps to keep his smile muscles active and his happiness level to the most highest extreme maximum.

Likes:Hats that don't fall off, couches with ample storage, unnecessarily long acronyms, Italian AmarosDislikes:Hats that fall off, paying rent, seasonal allergies, yellow mustard

More about Steven Lehrburger

Steven Lehrburger

Steven is an iOS Engineer at SeatGeek. Previously, he worked on a live video app (Sup), two messaging services (Dashdash, Meebo), and a URL-shortener (Bitly). He studied offline spaces in Stanford's architecture program and online spaces in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.
"Making the Internet more like the real world and the real world more like the Internet."

Favorite Concert:Daft Punk in Berkeley, CA on July 27th, 2007Favorite Sandwich Shops:Alidoro, Taïm, No. 7 Sub, Russ & Daughters

More about Matt Levy

Matt Levy

If you want to read the full Matt Levy (pronounced LEE VEE) biography, go to your local library and check out, “We Love You! Please Don’t Levy: The Matt Levy Story” but if you’d like to settle for a one-paragraph bio, this is for you. Matt, a native Arizonan, is a mid-20s stand up comedian, sketchepreneuer, table tennis enthusiast/self proclaimed master and a Customer Experience Specialist at Seatgeek.

Favorite Restaurants in New York City:Cafe Habana, Wolfnights and Dinosaur BBQ

More about Chris Leyden

Chris Leyden

Chris is a content analyst at SeatGeek. Before jumping into the tech world, Chris worked as the sports editor for a weekly newspaper in New Jersey, his first job after graduating from the University of Maryland. A fan of the New York Islanders, he was only 18 months old the last time they won a playoff series. Outside of work he likes to watch HGTV and read weather blogs.

Favorite Movie:Love ActuallyFavorite Sport:Hockey

More about Jonathan Li

Jonathan Li

Jonathan is one of the backend engineers here at SeatGeek. Originally from San Francisco, he's a "hella" big fan of Bay Area sports and even numbered years in which Taylor Swift drops an album. He graduated from UCLA, where he spent his time playing volleyball and deciding which major to switch into next. He eventually got tired of being surrounded by Dodger fans and flew out to NYC, leaving perfect sunny LA weather behind (oh god why would he do that?).

Favorite Pandora Station:No Diggity Radio

More about Brian London

Brian London

Brian is a data scientist with SeatGeek. That means he likes to understand the world of tickets through math. About binomial theorem he's teeming with a lot of news, with many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.

More about Colyn Lowrey

Colyn Lowrey

Colyn started her adventures at SeatGeek in the role of Office Coordinator, and has recently made the leap to Customer Experience as a Customer Experience Specialist. After going to no less than four colleges, she graduated from New York City’s own Marymount Manhattan with a BA in Communication Arts, with a concentration in Film, Video and Sound Design. Colyn spends her off time trying to get her food blog up and running so restaurants will give her free stuff, and trying to rationalize adopting all of the pets in her small apartment.

Spends Time Thinking About:Alanis Morissette’s definition of “ironic”Biggest Pet Peeve:That Piper picked Larry

More about Doug Lyons

Doug Lyons

Doug holds the rare merit badge for having worked for all the major ticketing companies in North America. The main privilege of this accomplishment is possession of a complete set of cheap plastic souvenir pens from all the major ticketing companies in North America. With an oddly eclectic taste in music and being an expert at choosing to support sports teams with spectacularly losing records, he spends most of his time traveling with his wife seeking the meaning of life in bars and restaurants of questionable distinction.

More about Steve Mastrocola

Steve Mastrocola

Steve works on CRM and is officially the fifth “Steve” at SeatGeek. Prior to joining SeatGeek he worked on marketing at Sports Illustrated, so his wardrobe mainly consists of SeatGeek shirts and Sports Illustrated jackets. Steve graduated from Villanova University, and would like to remind you that they are the reigning NCAA Basketball champs!

More about David McNerney

David McNerney

David is an iOS engineer here at SeatGeek. Before SeatGeek he wrangled iOS at three other startups. Farther back, he cut his teeth on Objective-C selling the world’s most expensive screen saver, and got his start building scientific and business data systems at the country’s oldest analytical chemistry laboratory.

More about Graeme Metcalf

Graeme Metcalf

Born and raised in Durham way up in the North East of England, Graeme originally crossed the pond to work for music startup where he got to illustrate over 150+ characters and oddities, such as space monkeys, ninja warrior bears, and Busta Rhymes. Now he spends his days as the Marketing Designer here at SeatGeek where he is responsible for spreading the SeatGeek word in the most beautiful way possible.

Likes:Skateboarding, Hospital Records and a good cuppa teaDislikes:Seeded grapes, certain apps when they quit unexpectedly

More about Campbell Miller

Campbell Miller

Campbell is a Marketing Analyst at SeatGeek. Her interests include city cycling, humanely raised meats, and late 90's country music. She's SeatGeek's third Dartmouth College graduate and second Oregonian. Campbell crochets well and cares for house plants poorly.

Likes:Dogs, cascade hops, Scandinavian midcentury designDislikes:Excessive tchotchkes, when it gets dark too early in the winter

More about Alexis Morant

Alexis Morant

Alexis is from the Mitten state and loves all of it's teams except for Sparty (she's from Ann Arbor). When not working at SeatGeek as a Customer Experience Admin, she enjoys spending time at the boxing gym preparing for her next fight, eating bad good food (leading to more hours at the gym), outdoor adventures, Netflix and chilling.

Loves:Dogs, Chocolate, Boxing, Football (Lions, Wolverines, Steelers), History, Flexing

More about Thornton Mountford

Thornton Mountford

Thornton, a graduate of Syracuse University, dreams of one day seeing another Syracuse Football or Basketball team win a national championship. He’d also like to add another Celtics Finals victory and another Steelers championship, not all in the same year, but he wouldn’t complain either way. In the meantime, Thornton spends his days working on the SG customer experience team and attending all the concerts he can handle.

Top 5 Thorntons:1. Reed, Thornton 2. Thornton’s Chocolate 3. Wilder, Thornton 4. Melon, Thornton 5. Thornton’s (Gas Station)

More about Spencer Noon

Spencer Noon

Spencer works on business development & strategy at SeatGeek. He graduated from Amherst College, where he majored in American Studies and played soccer with his friends. Prior to joining the team, Spencer worked at UBS and started his own Bitcoin company. Spencer focuses on strategic partnerships and acquisitions at SeatGeek, as well as mastering ping pong and foosball.

More about Harrison O'Neal

Harrison O'Neal

Harrison is one of SeatGeek's CX admins. He was born in Texas, did the whole school thing in Chicago, and currently resides in Brooklyn where he tries to be funny in front of strangers.

More about Michelle Pishkur

Michelle Pishkur

Born and raised in Ohio, this midwesterner moved Arizona to attend Arizona State University. There she obtained degrees in Sociology and Political Science. After years in the desert, she moved to NYC and worked at a couple of startups before finding her place with the SeatGeek family as the Payroll and Benefits Manager.

Likes:Animated movies, sour spaghetti candy, Law and Order SVU marathonsDislikes:Temperatures under 55 degrees, U of A (Go Sun Devils!)

More about Sarah Pumroy

Sarah Pumroy

Sarah works on CRM Strategy at SeatGeek. She loves cats and dogs, spreadsheets, inclement weather, and dairy products. She is a proud Midwesterner and a Brooklyn snob.

Favorite beverages:medium roast coffee, downeast cider, seltzer, emergen-cLeast favorite beverages:plain old water

More about Adam Quint

Adam Quint

Adam is the newest member of the marketing team, joining in August 2015 to focus on the team's search engine marketing efforts. Before SeatGeek, Adam worked as an SEM analyst in the insurance lead generation space. Adam is originally from the Boston area and is an avid Boston sports fan, musician, and outdoorsman.

Favorite Pastime:Super Smash Bros on n64

More about Jeff Rand

Jeff Rand

Jeff is a Software Engineer at SeatGeek. He loves animals, cooking, sci-fi/fantasy, cycling, being outside, his two cats and hanging with his wife in Brooklyn. As a life-long New Yorker he follows the New York Football Giants and thrives on a diet rich in pizza and beer.

Favorite Animals:Wolves, sloths, otters, eagles, whalesFavorite Sci-fi/Fantasy:Dune, Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Expanse, The Dresden Files

More about Raj Rao

Raj Rao

Raj is a member of the SeatGeek Android team.

More about Nate Rattner

Nate Rattner

Nate joins SeatGeek as the 8th man on the SG basketball team, and also serves as a Content Analyst in between games. He uses SeatGeek’s rich ticketing data to craft and tell stories around the biggest events in sports and music. Prior to SeatGeek, Nate worked at a startup in Ohio as a Venture for America Fellow and studied journalism at Northwestern.

Likes:Oatmeal, Seinfeld, the New York MetsDislikes:Olives, the trivia question “What Division I school is the only member of a power conference to have never made the NCAA tournament?"

More about Steve Ritter

Steve Ritter

Steve Ritter works on quantitative product development and business analytics as a full-stack Data Scientist. A man of many faces, he is a vegetarian who moonlights as SeatGeek's executive barbecue chef and unofficial mascot.

Favorite NBA Playoff Series:2009 Celtics-BullsFavorite Disney Movie:The Lion KingFavorite Cerveza:Tecate

More about Kayla Roden

Kayla Roden

Kayla is a CX Specialist at SeatGeek's Portland office who spent the majority of her professional life pre-SG pushing out lattes and keeping America caffeinated as part of the specialty coffee industry. Kayla grew up on a farm outside of Chicago and went on to attend Arizona State University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Design Studies. Since then, Kayla's gained a deep appreciation for all-things-Portland (including the dreaded rain), but specifically the coffee (obviously), the nature, and the craft beer (brewery capital of the world, anyone?) She's also got an affinity for cute dogs and can usually be spotted out wandering the streets of PDX with her own German Shepherd pup Nori.

Likes:Fluffy dogs, owners who let her pet their fluffy dogs, anything softDislikes:Every season of AHS except Season 1, despite getting her hopes up every year that this time it'll be different

More about Andrew Sapienza

Andrew Sapienza

Andrew is a certified CX Specialist at SeatGeek. A Western New Yorker by birth, this transplant has immersed himself into the cultural events scene here in the city. Andrew enjoys a lively game of soccer, city cycling, a nice acoustic jam session, long conversations with friends and family, or a fine walk in the park with good company.

Likes:Empathy, breathing, new socksDislikes:Chalk, olives/mushrooms

More about Luke Schlessinger

Luke Schlessinger

Luke is a CX Specialist at SeatGeek's PDX office. He was born and raised in Wisconsin before moving West in 2011 to be closer to the ocean, the mountains, and great coffee. Luke has spent time learning anything that he found interesting or curious. From web design to DSLR photography, HIIT cardio, electric guitar, and many other passions! He has experience ranging from manufacturing microchips in a clean environment to supporting small businesses around the country. When Luke is not busy reading or learning he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and their two dogs, Gizmo and Teemo. He has proved that it is possible to turn a Pomeranian into a hiking dog!

Favorite Bands:Radiohead, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, The XX, Max RichterObsessions:great coffee, La Croix, all animals excluding cats, sunny days

More about Jaydree Scott

Jaydree Scott

A straight-up New Yorker, Jaydree was born and raised in Brooklyn. He graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Digital Media Management. He loves great food, art, technology, design, the allure of streetwear in fashion and most importantly, video games. In addition, Jaydree enjoy street photography, particularly capturing the beauty of New York City. When not at work, he is most likely checking out a museum, eating at a nice restaurant or home playing the latest video game!

More about Ashley Seaton

Ashley Seaton

Ashley is a conservatory trained opera singer who's sung in medieval Italian castles, the Sistine Chapel, and nearly every bathroom she's ever been in that has good acoustics. When she's not killing it on the SG customer experience team, she can be found scouring NYC streets for a Californian taco truck, hoarding fruit snacks, or hosting a fingerpainting party.

Likes:Puppies wearing booties, Karen O, carnivorous plantsDislikes:Tuna sandwiches

More about Paula Segal

Paula Segal

Paula is a Product Manager at SeatGeek, where she plans to finally put her degree in Medieval history to good use. Previously she oversaw product development at 3D printing startup Normal, when she wasn't busy moderating their word of the day club.

Favorite Teams:Orioles, Mets, and every US Olympic team everFavorite Word:Eleemosynary

More about Chris Sellers

Chris Sellers

Chris is a former public sector expert with a penchant for optics(PR), development, and problem-solving. He is currently working as an CX Specialist at SeatGeek’s newest office in Portland, Oregon. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, he is a skilled Snowboarder/Skier, coffee snob and brunch advisor. In his free time, he can be found cooking, making friends laugh, and talking about business ventures with loved ones. Chris is about this SeatGeek life and always kills it at the craps table.

More about Becca Simmons

Becca Simmons

Becca is a Senior Accounting Manager at SeatGeek and subsequently doubled the size of the Finance team upon her arrival. A transplant from the City of Brotherly Love, Becca has learned to live with the hardships that come with being a Philadelphia fan in NYC. Before SeatGeek Becca worked at Tough Mudder and KPMG. She enjoys seeing live music (usually in a warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn) and going to the park with her dog Bentley.

Likes:Techno and T Swift....especially 1989Dislikes:Red meat cooked above medium rare

More about Marco Soto Decker

Marco Soto Decker

Marco is an accountant who enjoys reconciling statements to the cent and saving receipts for basically everything. Before joining SeatGeek, he obtained a Masters Degree in Accounting from Baruch College. When not crunching numbers, Marco loves Nintendo games, learning about LGBT history, and making his husband laugh.

Likes:RuPaul's Drag Race, CVS coupons, cheap dive barsDislikes:Winter, velvet, anything with shrimp

More about Jordan Sussman

Jordan Sussman

Raised all over the country, mostly in the Sonoran deserts of Arizona, Jordan spends much of his time exploring the outdoors. Amongst other things, he’s a musician, a hiker, and can make some stellar guacamole. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Digital Culture (Arts, Media, & Engineering) while working for companies like Apple and Zocdoc.

Likes:The sound of a campfireDislikes:The sound of macaroni and cheese

More about Brad Tacy

Brad Tacy

Brad counts stuff as part of the finance team at SeatGeek. He is also a native of New Hampshire, and thus enjoys the simple things most New Englanders do: maple syrup, cool weather, wood fireplaces, Tommy Brady, the Sawx and C’s, awesome state mottos and chowdah. He is less fond of all unfounded allegations against the Pats. While not counting things for SeatGeek, he can be found training his two three children on the evils of New York sports, and working on his house with his amazingly talented (and tolerant) wife Lisa. Somewhere in between growing up in New Hampshire and now working at SeatGeek, Brad found himself at school at James Madison University and at work in various jobs in the sports and tech sectors, most recently joining SeatGeek from Spotify.

Favorite sports moment:Toss up between Sawx '04 World Series Win and Pizzagate of 2007Favorite TV Show:Cheers

More about Gareth Tan

Gareth Tan

Gareth is a Web Engineer at Seatgeek. He recently graduated from the University of Chicago where he did political philosophy, but now enjoys dynamic programming languages and designing nice websites. In his spare time he plays the violin and hopes to learn the theremin someday.

Favorite B&J Ice Cream Flavor:Chocolate Therapy

More about Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth lives in Brooklyn by way of St. Louis, and remains part of Cardinal Nation. She is the recruiting coordinator at SeatGeek, and in the past worked on donor and customer relations in both the non-profit and for profit sectors. When she's not working, you may find her playing piano, smiling at dogs in the street, or locating fish tacos.

Likes:Monogrammed things, road trips, chocolate covered strawberriesDislikes:Beets, winter, being sticky

More about Shoji Ueki

Shoji Ueki

Shoji is on the marketing team at SeatGeek and is pretty sure he’s the company’s first Shoji. He spent the past few years in SF and moved back to NYC just in time for the winter cold. Shoji started his career in finance and consulting before joining the startup world. He studied engineering and business at the University of Pennsylvania, and liked it there enough to go back for his MBA. Shoji loves traveling (he’s been to all 7 continents), staying active (running, basketball, skiing) and cheering on LA sports teams (go Lakers!).

More about James Vanas

James Vanas

James is an iOS developer at SeatGeek. When he's not knee-deep in code he's often DJing some classic hip hop, exploring alleyways with a film camera, or at the gym trying to look 21 again.

Favourite Film Decade:70sFavourite Music:Not dubstep

More about Greg Viverito

Greg Viverito

Greg rejoined the workforce as a Director of Business Development at SeatGeek after two years of business school at Stanford. He is proudly the first Greg, the first MBA, the first St. Louisan, and the fifth Vanderbilt Commodore. Before business school, Greg spent four years at the NFL Players Association, where he worked on a variety of business initiatives, including unsuccessfully persuading several players that the Madden cover curse does not exist.

More about Chris Voll

Chris Voll

Chris is the resident wunderkind at SeatGeek, first joining our dev team when he was only 16. Born and raised as a proud Upstate New Yorker, he is now a graduate of Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications where he studied advertising and information technology, and an alum of The Daily Orange.

Favorite Sports Team:Syracuse OrangeFavorite Grocery Store:Wegmans

More about Eric Waller

Eric Waller

Eric is SeatGeek's CTO. He likes writing code across the entire web stack, from the javascript behind the SeatGeek maps and SeatGeek Spotify App, to the python behind the SeatGeek Platform. The remainder of his time is spent conceptualizing, planning, and attending team events as SeatGeek's Social Chair.

Favorite Craft Beer in a Can:21st Amendment BREW FREE! OR DIE IPAFavorite Buzz Word:Brandcuffs

More about Adam Waxman

Adam Waxman

Adam is a Technical Product Person, aka Product Mensch. After graduating from Emory University with a liberal arts degree, he ventured into the business world as an i-banking analyst before falling in love with developing and designing apps. Prior to SeatGeek he graduated from the Flatiron School and worked on Flock, an iPhone app to help friends connect offline.

Favorite Band:Michael Franti & SpearheadFavorite Card Game:Mafia

More about Brigid Wixted

Brigid Wixted

Brigid is a Technical Recruiter at SeatGeek. When she's not looking for the perfect personal pizza, she's looking for great alliteration. A graduate of Temple University, in the realm of Classics and Anthropology, Brigid arrived here by way of Urban Outfitters.

Favorite Food/Sauce Combination:Chicken things with honey mustard AND BBQ sauceFavorite Netflix:Netflix

More about Mladen Zivanovic

Mladen Zivanovic

Mladen leads SeatGeek’s burgeoning Dutch office (currently an office of one). When he isn’t dealing with the many administrative responsibilities of running said office, he works on building outstanding interfaces for SeatGeek users. He also attends the University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, Holland, where he’s getting a degree in Computer Science.

Favorite Team:Red Star BelgradeFavorite Designer:Tim van DammeFavorite OS:Mac