Great American Ball Park Details

Great American Ball Park opened in 2003, to be the home of the Cincinnati Reds in Major League Baseball. The venue cost nearly $300 million to build, and was the replacement of Cinergy Field. The need for the new stadium was said to have arisen due to the previous arrangement of sharing Cinergy Field with the Cincinnati Bengals, with the teams wanting venues specific to their sports so they could improve fan experience.

The reds have had a handful of successful seasons since changing venues, including three postseason appearances, since changing stadiums. In addition, Great American is regarded as a top notch facility in Major League Baseball. With plenty of forward thinking amenities for fans and nice aesthetics inside and out, the park was awarded the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, an event that holds the attendance record for the park to this day.

That All-Star game was memorable, in that it helped to further solidify the stardom of Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout. Trout won the All-Star Game's most valuable player award that year for the second consecutive All-Star Game, with Great American Ball Park serving as the backdrop for one of many history-making performances by a player that many think will be remembered as one of the greatest to ever play the game when his career is through.

Outside of baseball, Great American Ball Park has hosted notable concerts, including a 2011 show featuring Paul McCartney, and a 2014 show headlined by power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Q: What are the best places to sit at Great American Ball Park?

A: Any of the 100s sections in foul territory provide a great view of the action, but are more expensive than their outfield counterparts, which provide less of a view but a cost effective look at the action in the outfield.

Q: Great American Ball Park tips and tricks

A: Gates open an hour and a half before the start of Reds games, which is the ideal time to show up and enjoy some batting practice before the game. Also, there are many entrances at Great American Ball Park. This is great in that it allows fans to get into the Ball Park without having to wait in long lines, but given the multitude of options it’s worth looking for an entrance near your seat before you leave for the park.

Q: Great American Ball Park club areas

A: The Diamond Club and Champions Club are the two club seating destinations at Great American Ball Park. Champions Club seats offer complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages, wider seats than normal, bars and seating areas both indoors and outdoors for the ability to enjoy the park in any weather, and access to exclusive events. Diamond Club patrons receive a gourmet buffet, private entrance to the Ball Park, and in-seat dining services.

Q: What makes Great American Ball Park unique?

A: The smokestacks in right center field are a unique design addition that makes Great American Ball Park stand out, providing a way more interesting backdrop to a game than a wall with some sponsors on it or something to that effect.