Moda Center Details

Located in the Rose Quarter, the Moda Center is home to the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA, and is the venue for one of the more passionate fan bases in all of American pro sports. Opened in 1995, Moda Center has seen multiple iterations of the Trail Blazers play elite level basketball while competing in the NBA Playoffs at the venue formerly known as the Rose Garden.

Trail Blazers history is inextricably linked to their success at the Moda Center. In the 1990s into the 2000s, the Damon Stoudamire and Rasheed Wallace led Trail Blazers were one of the more entertaining teams in the NBA, while maintaining a high level of play throughout their time together. The passing of Arvydas Sabonis consistently dazzled the crowd at the then-Rose Garden, as Portland was one of the best teams in the league during that era.

Portland reached elite status in the NBA again in the early 2010s, when Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge led the team to plenty of wins in front of the Moda Center crowd. The most famous victory of that era of Trail Blazers basketball came in the 2011 playoffs, when Portland came back from a 23 point deficit late in the third quarter to defeat the Dallas Mavericks in the final minutes of the game in front of a delirious Moda Center crowd.

Since then, the duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum have taken up the mantle of leading the Trail Blazers out in front of the crowd at Moda Center, a crowd that is just as passionate and loud as ever. They have led Portland into some epic playoff battles against the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors to name a few, as the Portland Trail Blazers continue to play exciting basketball at the Moda Center.

The arena is also no stranger to high-profile concert and arts events. It consistently features some of the best that Portland has to offer.

Where are the best places to sit at Moda Center?

At Moda Center, the 100 level seats tend to be the seats with the best vantage point, as they are the closest seats to the floor. And while an up close and personal seat to watch the Trail Blazers is great, more value-conscious fans may be content in the 300 level seats, as those areas in the arena still provide a great view of the venue, as it is easier to see the entire court and what player movements are taking place during the game.

Moda Center tips and tricks

Doors at the Moda Center open 90 minutes before the start of each game, and give you plenty of time to watch the best players in the NBA warm up when the Trail Blazers and their opponents take the floor. That is also enough time to grab some concessions and check out the available merchandise, without having to worry about missing any action, making showing up early some very important advice.

Moda Center club areas

The Kuni Lexus Club Level is the club seating level at Moda Center, which packs on the perks for fans who sit there. Among the benefits for fans in this seating is in-seat beverage service, access to exclusive cuisine, and credits for things like food, drink, and merchandise around the arena. This makes the Kuni Lexus Club Level perfect for fans looking for an upscale experience at the Moda Center.