Toyota Center Details

Located in downtown Houston, the Toyota Center is known primarily as the home of the NBA's Houston Rockets. The arena has seen its share of winning teams, with the Rockets seeing plenty of success throughout the history of the venue. Toyota Center has been open since 2003, and has since seen its fair share of entertainers take the stage there in addition to its extensive experience as the home for sports in Houston.

When people think of the Houston Rockets, they usually think of some successful teams, which makes it easy to remember plenty of success on the basketball court taking place at the Toyota Center. The first wave of successful basketball in the Toyota Center came in the 2000s, when center Yao Ming teamed up with the likes of Tracy McGrady and Dikembe Mutombo who, coached by Jeff Van Gundy, were perennial contenders in the Western Conference.

After that era in Rockets history disappeared, the Rockets returned to prominence once again when the great James Harden and Chris Paul joined forces, with the two dynamic point guards working together to make the Rockets one of the best teams in the NBA once again. With an identity focused on transition basketball and three point shooting, coach Mike D'Antoni made this version of the Rockets one of the most fun teams in the history of the NBA.

In addition to the litany of exciting basketball games that have taken place at Toyota Center, the venue also has a long track record of bringing in top musical talents to perform there. From classic artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N' Roses, to current artists like Rihanna and Drake, there has been no shortage of a-list talent lining up to play at the Toyota Center, making it a venue that can be enjoyed year round.

Where are the best places to sit at Toyota Center?

At Toyota Center, 100 level seating is the best place to sit, where fans are sometimes closer to the basket than some Rockets players when they line up and shoot a deep three point shot. But if you are looking to save some money when buying Toyota Center tickets, you would be best served heading up to the 400 level seats, where the views are still strong due to the fact that Toyota Center is not oversized and can provide a good view even from its highest seats.

Toyota Center tips and tricks

It is vital to keep in mind that the doors to the Toyota Center open at different times depending on when in the week the game you want to see is. For weekday games, doors open just one hour before tip-off, whereas they open an hour and a half before the start of weekend games. Keep this in mind when planning your trip to Toyota Center, and be sure to plan your travel accordingly, so you can see the Rockets and their opponents warm up.

Toyota Center club areas

Located along the sidelines in the lower section of seats, Houston Rockets club seating offers fans extra wide seats with added legroom, parking passes, private entrances and private lounge access. These seats are available in limited quantities, and also allow fans the opportunity to purchase tickets to other marquee events at Toyota Center such as concert.

Red and White Wine Bistro

Within Toyota Center is the Red and White Wine Bistro, which contains two 1,500 wine bottle towers, which is impressive in any type of setting, let alone in a basketball arena.