How to Get Baltimore Ravens Season Tickets

Nov 20, 2019


Alex Gormley

If you consider yourself a die-hard football fan, chances are that you’ve considered purchasing season tickets to your favorite National Football League team.

As it currently stands, one of the toughest season tickets to get is the Baltimore Ravens, which makes sense given the team’s passionate fanbase and recent success under sensational quarterback Lamar Jackson.

If you’re interested in buying Ravens season tickets, we have you covered with a quick guide on everything you need to know to get your hands on those in-demand tickets. 

Benefits of Season Tickets

Before we get into our guide on how to buy season tickets for the Ravens, we thought we’d do a quick rundown of the benefits of having season tickets.

Price Stability

Season tickets are a flat fee per game, so you won’t have to pay extra money for games that have increased importance or higher demand

Access to Playoff Tickets

Season ticket holders are given the first right of refusal for playoff tickets before they go on sale to the general public

NFL Perks

The league offers a few perks of its own to season ticket holders, including free access to NFL RedZone, a discount at the NFL’s online shop and access to the league’s Ticket Exchange

Team Perks

The Ravens offer their own set of benefits to their season ticket holders which includes free game day programs, single-game ticket offers, an entry into the lottery for Super Bowl tickets if the team advances far enough in the playoffs, PSL owner rewards prizes and presale opportunities for other events happening at M&T Bank Stadium.

How to Purchase Ravens Season Tickets

The Ravens have a unique system in place for season tickets that features a waitlist and utilizes permanent seat licenses – other teams call them personal seat licenses, but not the Ravens. 

Permanent seat licenses, sometimes called PSLs, is a one-time purchase that transfers ownership rights of seats from the Baltimore Ravens directly to fans. The two sides enter a contract that states that if the tickets are renewed each year, the ownership of the PSL is retained and may be passed on to others or sold.

Given how good the Ravens have been as of late, it’s not a huge surprise that the team has sold out all its PSLs. This means that if you are interested in buying season tickets, you’ll have to join the team’s waitlist, which can be done online by filling out a form with your contact information.

The waitlist is capped at just 3,000 spots, and it can take up 20 years to make it to the top of the list. However, the Ravens allow fans to buy and sell spots on the waiting list, so it’s possible to move up the list quickly if you have the money and desire to do so. 

The cost of a permanent seat license varies based on what section the seats are located in. Here’s the latest pricing data, which comes from the 2016 season:

Season Ticket Pricing Information

Back in 2016, the Baltimore Ravens switched to variable ticket pricing after receiving feedback from season ticket holders about the value of preseason games in relation to regular season contests.

Variable ticket pricing means that the Ravens sets prices for individual games based on perceived demand for each ticket. The team’s ten home games are broken down into four different categories: two “preseason” games, three “regular” games, three “prime” games and two “plus” games. Preseason tickets are the cheapest, while prime games are the most expensive.

Here is a seating chart featuring the cost per ticket, per game for each seat at the M&T Bank Stadium.  

On-Sale Dates

Those lucky enough to hold season tickets for the Ravens receive invoices for their tickets in February, and the tickets must be paid in full by the beginning of June.

Season tickets are sent via first class mail to ticket holders and are usually arrive in late July.

Baltimore Ravens Tickets

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