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Brrr, it’s cold in here

Chase Field is an indoor stadium, which can be a nice break from the Arizona heat. However, be warned they really turn up the air conditioning in the stadium so bring layers! Many fans shared that they have made the mistake of not bringing a sweater before and spent the entire game shivering.

"Bring a sweater!"

Sit with the team

To get the best view of the team, fans say sit on the Diamondback dugout side - you’ll be close to the team and all the action. If you have a big group and can splurge a little, watch the game from the pool (one of only two in-stadium pools)!

"Sit on the Diamondbacks side to get the best view of the visitor dugout and batter."

Go for the Value Menu

If you’re looking to save money while at the game - Chase Field has some great deals. The Diamondbacks have a great value menu, available at concession stands throughout the park. You can get hot dogs, popcorn and corn dogs for $2 each and a beer for $4.

"Two value dogs gets you more than what you'd get for a D-Backs Dog, and you’ll pay less."

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