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More than 100 years of history and charm

While the seats may be a bit small and uncomfortable, and there is always the chance a support pole is in your view, no ballpark offers a more traditional baseball experience. Fans surveyed called out three specific sights that every first-time visitor should check out, the Green Monster, Ted Williams’ Red Seat, and Pesky’s Pole. In fact, 65% of fans said sitting on the Green Monster is well worth the additional cost.

"The stadium may be old and the seats may be a bit cramped but the atmosphere is second to none!"

Boston Beer and Fenway Franks

The fans have spoken, and no visit to Fenway Park is complete without a Fenway Frank, washed down by, of course, a Sam Adams. Overall, fans said the food options inside the stadium are plentiful, but those looking to save money should consider grabbing a bite to eat prior to entering the park, with many fans referencing the options along Jersey Street.

"The memorabilia throughout the park is amazing, you truly feel like you're a part of history."

Good times never seemed so good (so good, so good, so good)

Maybe the most famous musical tradition in all of sports, singing along to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline during the eighth inning of a Red Sox game is a rite of passage. Knowing the lyrics to the song was one of the top ballpark tips recommended by Red Sox fans, so that you too can join in on the 35,000 plus sing-a-long.

"The food! I find the prices to be slightly better than other parks I've been to and you can get true New England classics, like oysters or a lobster roll. It's such a unique experience!"

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