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Summer in Texas

The biggest advice Rangers fans offered was not what to eat, or how to get to the stadium, it was specifically how to avoid that summer Texas sun and the 100 degree temperatures that come alongside it. Many fans recommended going to night games, but for those heading to a day game, the solution is to buy seats on the first base line, which is much more shaded. Those willing to sit on the third base line should put on plenty of sunscreen and drink tons of water.

"Go to night games, or don't buy seats in the sun during day games in mid July - end of August. HOT HOT HOT!!!"

Two feet or one dollar

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to Globe Life Park that is especially true of the Boomstick, a two-foot long hot dog that is covered in cheese and chili. This is just one of the unique ballpark foods offered at the stadium, so be sure to come hungry. Those looking for a cheap dinner should check out games on Wednesdays, where dollar hot dogs make for a tasty meal.

"Go watch them make some of the "monster" food items. No way I'm ever going to eat one, but it is amazing just to watch them make them."

A Final walk in the ballpark

2019 marks the final year of the Rangers playing at Globe Life Park, as the new Globe Life Field will be opening in time for 2020. Fans should take a chance to enjoy everything that the park has to offer in its final season, but should pay particular attention to the Ranger’s own twist on the stadium race. At Rangers games, fans cheer on three racing dots, which is exactly what it sounds like: three circles running around the field. Get ready to cheer for your favorite color!

"This is the last year of the stadium, so walk around and enjoy the structure and architecture."

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