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The Clevelander

Fans highly recommended checking out The Clevelander while at loanDepot park. There is nothing like it at any other baseball stadiums, this bar is uniquely Miami and offers fans a South Beach-inspired experience. Take a dip in the pool for some relief from the Florida heat and enjoy one of the signature drinks for a whole new way to watch the game.

"The Clevelander. It's got a pool, cocktails, pitchers of beer, and they keep serving alcohol after the bottom of the seventh."

Take a walk

You can get a great deal for Marlins tickets, ticket prices average about $45 for regular season games. Fans say that it’s worth it to pay the get-in price and walk around during the game - there are several different places around the stadium where it’s great to stand, watch the game and just enjoy the park. While you cruise around, check out the Bobblehead Museum - fans say it’s worth the trip!

"The best part about loanDepot park is how many great places there are to stand and watch a game."

Fan Favorites

One of the highlights of any baseball game is the food. Some fan favorites include La Cocina, 305 Pizza and Obie. Fans also recommend grabbing the Miami classic, a Cuban sandwich and washing it down with your favorite beer (only $5 in Sections 13 and 37!) while you enjoy soaking up the sun.

"You need to eat the Cuban Lechon Sandwiches and Pizza."

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