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Bring the whole family

The Rays certainly live up to their name, as the most popular recommendation from fans was to visit the Rays Touch Tank in Center Field. Fans can get hands on with actual sting rays, an especially popular destination for families. Those surveyed said the best time to go is in the middle of the game, as the line is the shortest.

"For a first-time guest, or a family with children, I'd recommend the Rays Touch Tank in centerfield."

Perfect weather, every day

While many fans pointed out that watching a baseball game inside can be a bit jarring, the big upside is that the air conditioning is always running and the roof always keeps those evening thunderstorms out of the way. Many fans recommended attending a Rays game as a great way to beat the Florida heat in the summer, when the average high is north of 90 degrees.

"Enjoy being in a dome. With the Florida heat, it is nice to be able to watch the game in the A/C."

BBQ Pork Nachos

Many Rays fans surveyed offered up the same top food recommendation, the pulled pork nachos. Fans will find these offered throughout much of the stadium, with the tortilla chips covered in cheese and smoked pork a go to dining option when taking in a Rays game.

"Parking is a pain but the grilled Mac and cheese sandwiches are the best."

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