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Full of history

One of the most storied franchises in the NFL, the Steelers give fans the opportunity to really walk through the club’s history, but once the game is underway you will for sure want to head to your seat to take in the action, especially later in the game when the song “Renegade” by Styx is blasted while the team is on defense.

"The NFL fan experience at Heinz Field can’t be replicated. You have all the Super Bowl trophies, lockers, commentators, music and the people make your trip extraordinary."

Diehard fans

Steelers fans are one of the most dedicated in the league, and they make Heinz Field feel like a fortress as they wave their Terrible Towels and cheer on the team. Even later in the season when the wind coming off the river can make it feel sub-zero, you will no doubt see the stadium packed with some of the most football-obsessed fans in the country.

"The fan experience there is second to none. Plan to go for 2 days to get the Yinzer feel."

A transportation hack

Located right where the three rivers come together, many fans suggested taking the ferry to the game as both an awesome experience, and a more efficient one as well. A number of different ferries come from around the city, and typically end up costing right around how much you would pay to park at the stadium.

"Instead of parking near the stadium, take the ferry over instead. Cool experience, better exit with traffic after the game, same price you’d pay to park near the stadium."

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