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Club Cafe Upcoming Concerts

Club Cafe Concert Schedule

10/23/2018Matthew Perryman JonesClub Cafe
10/24/2018Jill SobuleClub Cafe
10/25/2018Albert Cummings (21+)Club Cafe
11/1/2018James McMurtry with Bonnie Whitmore (21+)Club Cafe
11/2/2018Michael NauClub Cafe
11/5/2018Dawn Landes with Chris StillsClub Cafe
11/6/2018Ryan Montbleau (21+)Club Cafe
11/7/2018Adrian LeggClub Cafe
11/8/2018The Ghost of Paul Revere with Charlie ParrClub Cafe
11/10/2018DriftwoodClub Cafe
11/11/2018Ben HackettClub Cafe
11/12/2018Joshua RadinClub Cafe
11/13/2018Tony LuccaClub Cafe
11/14/2018Aubrey Logan (21+)Club Cafe
11/16/2018Austin Lucas (21+)Club Cafe
11/17/2018Chuck RaganClub Cafe
11/18/2018Richard Shindell (21+)Club Cafe
11/19/2018Esme Patterson (21+)Club Cafe
11/27/2018Coco Montoya (21+)Club Cafe
11/28/2018Griffin House (21+)Club Cafe
12/2/2018Dead Soft (21+)Club Cafe
12/13/2018The Talbott BrothersClub Cafe
12/15/2018Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers (21+)Club Cafe
2/8/2019Mo Lowda (21+)Club Cafe
2/15/2019Andy McKee (21+)Club Cafe
2/23/2019Adia Victoria (21+)Club Cafe