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Tiesto, Avicii, Armin van Buuren and Calvin Harris. Washington, D.C.'s Echostage was built with high quality musical acts like these in mind. Designed to give concertgoers the ultimate music experience, the 30,000-foot space brings together sound and light in stunning displays. The equipment that makes this possible includes a D&B Audio Technik V series sound system, imported from Germany, and advanced LED displays.

The result of pairing this high-performance equipment with star performers is an amazing show, which is why performers such as Diplo, DJ Snake, and Grammatik have made a trip to Echostage. In 2017, Echostage was named the best club in North America and the 8th best club in the world by DJ Magazine.

With the capacity to hold up to 3,000 visitors, Echostage is the largest club in Washington and caters to EDM and other dance music. Designed as a hybrid nightclub and concert space, this venue uses an ever-expanding array of lights and extras (such as cryo-jets and confetti cannons) along with its spacious interior to create an immersive experience. Lined with two 60-foot bars, the main room at Echostage is unlike any other concert space you've seen.

While providing a venue for some of the world's top electronic and EDM acts, Echostage not only helped put D.C. on the map as an EDM destination but spurred the growth of local EDM and electronic music, much of which has been featured at Echostage. Echostage grew in prestige and influence as D.C. became a more sought-after music destination generally. Though it's a relatively new venue, opened in 2012, Echostage continues a long tradition of industrial electronic spaces in D.C. Since its opening, in fact, Echostage has become an essential part of D.C.s local culture and a well-loved destination for EDM fans everywhere.

What are the best tickets at Echostage?

With a vast interior space and clear sightlines, Echostage makes it easy to enjoy the show from anywhere on the dance floor. There are also 30 upper-level Mezzanines available, which seat up to eight people and include bottle service if you don't want to be down on the floor dancing. While the exact venue layout and ticketing scheme varies by artist, a general admission ticket will get you everywhere you need to be on the main floor.

Echostage Tips and Tricks

Drinks and other services are relatively expensive, but it's nothing out of the ordinary for a D.C. club. Just be prepared for what you want to spend in that way. There's no free water available either, but you can purchase water bottles at the bar. As a dance-oriented space, Echostage is enormous and can get a little crowded sometimes. Getting there early is a good idea, especially if you're shorter or want to be sure to be close to the stage.

It's also a good idea to plan your route home as the area around Echostage can get quite cramped after shows. The Echostage website suggests an option for valet parking, provided by Tag-B Group Valet Services & U-Street Parking, which -- for a little extra -- will ensure you find a space.