Pepsi Center Details

Since 1999, the Pepsi Center has been one of the hubs of pro sports and entertainment in Denver. The venue is the home of the Denver Nuggets in the NBA, as well as the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL. Fans who have attended games at the Pepsi Center have witnessed some of the most entertaining teams in the recent histories of basketball and hockey, with both teams who play at this venue having success during their time there.

In basketball, the Denver Nuggets spent time as one of the top teams in the NBA during their time at the Pepsi Center, led by Carmelo Anthony. Denver drafted Anthony third in the draft, one spot after Darko Milicic, and were rewarded for making that pick with a trip to the Western Conference Finals in 2009. That Nuggets team featured multiple players who ended up winning NBA championships, including the sharp shooting JR Smith and Chris "Birdman" Andersen.

The Colorado Avalanche were successful for a stretch during their time inhabiting Pepsi Center as well. The Avs won the Stanley Cup in the 2000-2001 season, and were led by some of the sport's all-time great players. Joe Sakic was the big offensive threat on the team, while Patrick Roy consistently stonewalled opponents late into his career as their goaltender. Ray Bourque was able to put the final stamp on an illustrious NHL career by hoisting the Stanley Cup in the Pepsi Center after a Game 7 victory over the New Jersey Devils.

This arena has also hosted some high-profile college sporting events, including the Frozen Four in 2008, with the four best college hockey teams in the nation squaring off for a championship. It has also been the home to NCAA Tournament games in 2016, as well as three other past tournaments. The arena is not stranger to large-scale events in music and the arts as well.

Where are the best places to sit at Pepsi Center?

At Pepsi Center, seats in the 100 level will be the closest to the court or ice, with great views of all of the action. But for fans who want to have a nice view of their event unfolding for less, the 300 sections are the way to go. The nice thing about an arena the size of Pepsi Center is that nothing feels too far away, and those seats combine value with a solid seat in the arena.

Pepsi Center tips and tricks

The Pepsi Center opens an hour before the start of each event, which is enough time to catch the Nuggets, Avalanche, and their opponents warming up before the start of their games. Parking lots for these events open three hours before the start of each game, so it wouldn't be the worst idea to get to your parking spot nice and early to ensure you are happy with where you are parked and can get in and out easily.

Pepsi Center club areas

The KeyBank Club level is the major club seating destination at Pepsi Center. Taking up the second level of seating in the venue, the level features seating with suites behind it, along with a restaurant, concierge kiosk, and amenities that amplify the excitement of the event you are attending at Pepsi Center.

Pepsi Center Altitude

Located in Denver, the altitude of Pepsi Center makes it unique, as the thin, mile-high air in Denver is something you will not experience in many venues in the United States. Because of the thin air, fans at Pepsi Center may notice visiting teams struggle with their conditioning when playing here, which could serve as a huge home court or home ice advantage for the Nuggets and Avalanche.