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Terminal 5 Details

Terminal 5 is one of the most popular music venues in New York City, operated by the promotion and venue conglomerate The Bowery Presents. As an independent promoter, The Bowery Presents operates five venues in New York: The Mercury Lounge, the Bowery Ballroom, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Steel, and Terminal 5.

Located in Hell's Kitchen, the venue caters to a young and vibrant crowd, bringing in established acts, up-and-coming artists, and more. Originally, the space was operated as a club called Club Exit which had a reputation for rowdiness and more. After the club was closed and transformed into Terminal 5, the venue helped remake the character of the neighborhood.

One reason The Bowery Presents decided to invest in a new venue was to offer artists who had outgrown their other operations a bigger place to perform. With three different levels and two ultrawide balconies, 3,000 guests can fit in this 40,000-square foot space. The venue opened under the new owners in 2007 after a large-scale renovation to update the space. It was the largest new venue to open in midtown in over ten years. The venue is huge inside, with an open layout and 40-foot ceilings that give concerts an impressive, encompassing feel. The views are good from everywhere, but the two balconies provide the best sightlines and are well designed to accommodate lots of people. There's a bar on each level, so you can get refreshments during the show without needing to go back downstairs.

The first few shows to play the space reflected this ambitious spirit. The National performed first, on October 11th, 2007 followed by M.I.A. and then Gogol Bordello. Other major acts that have performed here include the Kooks, Lily Allen, Phantogram, Haim, and many more. Keeping with local connections of The Bowery Presents, Terminal 5 also welcomes many up and coming local acts and hosts special events from time to time.

What are the best tickets at Terminal 5?

There are three levels at Terminal 5, though the second level balcony is often reserved on one or both sides for VIP guests (friends and family of performers). All shows have some lounge areas available with seating, and some shows are seated events entirely. You'll want to check the ticket information for your show to see what options are available. Most often, one general admission ticket grants access to all three levels.

One thing to keep in mind is that the dedicated seating on the second and third floors of Terminal 5 are first-come, first-served. So, if you know you'll need to sit at a standing show, make sure and claim one early. On the ground floor, it can sometimes be hard to see what's going on but moving forward along the left side of the venue, it can be surprisingly easy to get right up close.

Terminal 5 Tips and Tricks

While the venue previously only accepted cash inside, they now take major credit cards as well.

There's no designated parking at Terminal 5, and it can be tricky to find street parking in the area, so it's worth taking the subway or a taxi if you can.

Terminal 5 Rooftop

Need a breath of fresh air? The Terminal 5 rooftop is accessible from the third floor during almost every show, no matter the weather. With a bar on hand, it's a good place to take a break from the action and recharge. Probably one of the best features of the venue, the rooftop is worth checking out if you visit, if only to take in the view for a minute.