How to Get NBA Courtside Tickets

Dec 7, 2022


Kristen Humphries

Long known by sports fans as a status symbol and a way to rub elbows with the rich and famous, courtside seats at an NBA game are undoubtedly the best tickets in the house. Sitting just feet away from some of the best athletes on the planet is the ultimate way to watch a basketball game, so it’s not surprising that mingling courtside at a game is a bucket list experience for many sports diehards.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks for scoring reasonably priced courtside tickets so you can make your dream a reality. 

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How much are NBA courtside seats?

Let’s face it, courtside NBA tickets aren’t cheap, but that’s not to say they’re unattainable. The average courtside ticket during the regular season generally costs around $1,500.00. However, ticket prices vary depending on seasonality (regular season vs playoffs), which teams are playing and the specific location. 

If you’re looking for NBA courtside tickets, SeatGeek is your best option. Not only does SeatGeek have the most extensive ticket inventory available, but you will also find a Deal Score system, which allows you to find the best possible bargain. If you’re familiar with courtside ticket prices, you know just how important that is. 

Shopping on SeatGeek? You can find tickets by heading to the event page for the team you’re interested in and selecting the game you want to attend. Once there, choose courtside seats from the filters bar and use the interactive map to explore the available options. Select the seat you’d like and view the pricing details on the left. 

Which teams have cheap courtside seats?

When it comes to buying NBA courtside seats for playoff games, the only people that seem to be able to afford them are the uber-wealthy. However, tickets for courtside during the regular season can be surprisingly economical, depending on the team. Here are the five most affordable teams to watch courtside.

Indiana Pacers 

With 131 losses over the last three seasons, courtside tickets for the Indiana Pacers are sitting pretty cheap. Fortunately, it looks like they might make a comeback this season. The Pacers brought in rookie and Pac-12 Player Bennedict Mathurin, who had a 59.0 true shooting percentage in college. If he performs as predicted, Indiana might do better than expected this season. 

San Antonio Spurs

Despite outperforming other teams in the last few seasons, 2023 projections for the San Antonio Spurs are looking weak. The Spurs traded their 25-year-old All-Star point guard to the Hawks, putting them at quite a disadvantage. Still, you can look forward to watching their star players Keldon Johnson, Devin Vassell and rookie Jeremy Sochan while sitting pretty in NBA courtside seats. 

Orlando Magic 

Orlando Magic holds the most losses in the last ten seasons, making tickets highly affordable. On the contrary, the team used a top-three pick in this year’s draft, making them one of the teams to look out for this season. The team will strengthen their defense with Jonathan Isaac and build their offense with Paolo Banchero. 

A few younger players are also being thrown into the mix, making Orlando Magic an exciting team and an excellent option for affordable courtside tickets. 

Detroit Pistons (23-59)

The Detroit Pistons were expected to do well with players like Cade Cunningham, who averaged 17.4 points as a rookie, but unfortunately, it seems he could be out for a couple of months due to a fracture in his shin. Additional incoming players Jaden Ivey, Bojan Bogdanovic and Saddiq Bey also give hope to Piston’s 2023 success, but it doesn’t look too promising. Still, the potential is there, making the Detroit Pistons a good option for courtside tickets.

Houston Rockets 

If there’s one thing we know about sports, it’s that a losing team isn’t necessarily a boring team. The Houston Rockets have some young players with star potential, making the Rockets a desirable option for courtside tickets. Jalen Green averaged 22.0 points as a rookie and will be joined by 2021 draftee Alperen Sengun who performed great last season. The team also looks to Kevin Porter Jr. for support, who had a 37.5 three-point percentage last season. 

Tips for buying NBA courtside seats

If you spend any time watching NBA games on television, I’m sure you’ve seen the court lined with some of the most prominent American celebrities and icons, and it’s no mystery why — they seem to be the only people who can afford them. However, courtside tickets during the regular season can be surprisingly affordable depending on who’s playing and at which location. 

If a team has a low winning streak, the tickets will be far cheaper than those for a team that has won most of the recent seasons. The Houston Rockets had a rough season in 2021-2022, with only 20 wins and 62 losses. Unsurprisingly, you can find courtside tickets starting at $424.00. 

On the other hand, the Chicago Bulls had a great season with 46 wins and 36 losses. Pair them up with the ever-so-loved Golden State Warriors, and you’re looking at $11,000.00 for courtside tickets. With prices that high during the regular season, you can be sure playoff tickets for these teams will be through the roof.

Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors will typically have higher courtside pricing due to their popularity. In 2017 a Warriors season ticket holder resold a pair of courtside tickets during finals for a whopping $133,000.00 plus $17,000.00 in fees. 

Why should I buy courtside seats?

There are a seemingly endless number of perks that go hand-in-hand with courtside tickets. On top of having the best views in the house, you’ll get VIP treatment, top-of-the-line amenities, exclusive access and front-row seats to team drama. 


Since NBA courtside seats are premium fan experiences, they usually have added amenities to enhance the fan experience. Common amenities include complimentary food and beverage, padded chairs, parking passes and concierge services.


NBA courtside seats provide unparalleled access to a basketball game as you are just feet away from the best players in the world. You’ll be able to hear the players communicate on the court and eavesdrop on team huddles, all while having the best view in the house. 


If you sit courtside, you’re almost certainly going to get on television at some point. Another added benefit of sitting courtside is that it’s a great way to flex for your social media accounts, as you’re sure to make your followers jealous when you post a video of yourself on the court on Instagram or TikTok. 


Experiencing VIP treatment is more than worth it. By purchasing courtside tickets, you’ll have access to VIP entrances, complimentary parking and private lounges and clubs. Some NBA floor seats even come with a personal wait staff. 


Sitting courtside evokes feelings of prestige and luxury due to their exclusive nature. Most courtside tickets are reserved for season ticket holders, billionaire CEOs and A-list celebrities, leaving few available for public purchase. Securing courtside tickets puts you in line with the rich and famous and allows you to mingle with the greatest.