June 22nd, 2020

SeatGeek launches SeatGeek Adapt to assist the return of fan-filled events following COVID-19 outbreak

Combining analytics, specialized services, and reimagined products, SeatGeek Adapt helps rights holders return to delivering a high quality fan experience while recapturing revenue

NEW YORK, NY (June 22, 2020) -- SeatGeek today announced the launch of SeatGeek Adapt, a solutions-based approach to helping teams and venues return to revenue following the COVID-19 related shutdown. SeatGeek Adapt encompasses a number of different products and services, ranging from dynamic, social distancing based seating charts, to demand-based algorithms that will guide the return of events.

With many live entertainment organizations seeing significant reductions in revenue following the COVID-19 outbreak, it is imperative that the industry can return to business while also ensuring fans feel safe returning to live events. With this in mind SeatGeek Adapt will not only provide teams with solutions to keep fans safe, but also use data analysis to understand fan sentiment and map towards ideal solutions. Some examples of these initiatives include:

* In-Stadium Social Distancing - SeatGeek’s dynamic box office software and industry-leading maps will make it easy for fans to stay the CDC-recommended distance apart, while also finding the best seat at the right price, in a way that can adapt to local ordinances and best-practices.

* Smart Entry - Using tools like contactless entry and staggered entrance times enabled by SeatGeek’s best-in-class mobile experience, venues can avoid a crush of fans attempting to enter the event, a potential high-spread moment.

* Streamlined In-Venue Experience - In a growing number of venues the SeatGeek app will allow fans to order food and merchandise from anywhere in the venue, or even ahead of time, avoiding any need to wait in line or make payment in person.

* Demand Projections - Deciphering everything from purchasing behavior to fan sentiment surveys, SeatGeek will be able to provide geographic-specific guidance on how and when fans want to return to live events.

* Personalized 360 Fan Communications - Combining fan and ticketing data with mobile device metadata, new SeatGeek products are helping teams deliver personalized information straight to each ticket and seat location.

“For the past decade SeatGeek has consistently pushed the live events industry forward, and we feel it is essential that we uphold that responsibility during and following this pandemic,” said SeatGeek Co-founder Russ D’Souza. “We are already delivering COVID-specific data analysis and product solutions to many of our clients, and will continue to help organizations navigate the complex waters as live events return.”

SeatGeek will constantly be iterating on the SeatGeek Adapt solutions, to make sure clients are best-positioned to return to growth following the COVID-19 outbreak, and correctly adhering to local guidelines. SeatGeek will also be using its wide range of clients, from NFL teams to West End theatres, to crowdsource best-in-class solutions that will help the entire industry thrive.

As one example, since the COVID-19 outbreak SeatGeek has held weekly calls with all of its MLS partners, presenting updated research and findings on fan demand, curated pandemic news from around the globe, and product updates to help MLS teams react to the changing landscape.

“The SeatGeek team sets themselves apart by approaching our relationship not as a ticketing vendor but as a business partner,” said Mike Golub, Chief Business Officer of the Portland Timbers. “They have not only helped us solve any ticketing-related challenges, but they’ll use their data and analytics to help us understand when demand is returning, what fans are interested in, and how we will be able to maximize revenue while delivering a fantastic fan experience upon the return of events.”