Seller Terms

Supplemental Terms for Sellers

The following Supplemental Terms apply to users who wish to sell Tickets on our Digital Properties, and who are not part of our Seller Direct Program. These Supplemental Terms incorporate SeatGeek’s Terms of Use by reference. If the Terms of Use are inconsistent with these Supplemental Terms, these Supplemental Terms shall control with respect to the subject matter contemplated herein. Any capitalized term used herein that are undefined have the meaning given to such term in the Terms of Use.

Selling Tickets. Sellers are required to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances, along with our Ticket Policy below, when marketing and selling Tickets.

  1. Ticket Listings. Sellers set their own price when selling a Ticket, and may raise or lower that price and/or delete their listing prior to receiving an offer to purchase such Ticket. By listing a Ticket for sale, Seller, is making a binding offer to sell that Ticket to a Buyer at the Ticket Price. If a Buyer accepts the offer by purchasing Seller’s Ticket via the Services, the Seller is bound to deliver the applicable Ticket to the Buyer within the agreed upon timeframe. Sellers are solely responsible for monitoring their own inventory of Tickets and ensuring that their listings are accurate, complete and timely. Sellers are expressly forbidden from cancelling any order with a Buyer once the Seller has accepted the Buyer’s offer in order to relist the Ticket(s) at a higher Ticket Price.
  2. Ticket Policy. All Sellers are required to comply with the following Ticket Policy when marketing and selling Tickets via our Digital Properties. Any failure to comply with this Ticket Policy, or these Terms, may result in Seller’s listings being removed, Seller’s sale(s) being cancelled, any amounts paid by Buyers being withheld, or SeatGeek taking any other action described in this Terms of Use.
    1. Ticket Listings. Sellers must provide accurate, complete and timely listings and must ensure that such listings remain accurate, complete and timely, including information related to the name and date of the event, section, row, and seat number. Sellers must list any and all required disclosures related to their Tickets, including: limited or obstructed views; possible obstructions; wheelchair seating; wheelchair only; wheelchair accessible; alcohol-free section; behind or side stage; and 21 and over event. Seller may only list valid Tickets, which Seller has the right and authority to sell. Sellers may not list any Tickets listed through SeatGeek on any other venue.
    2. Prohibited Listings. Sellers are expressly forbidden from listing for sale:
      1. Tickets that the Seller does not actually have in their possession;
      2. stolen Tickets;
      3. “paperless tickets”, “flash seats” and “will call only” tickets;
      4. Tickets for non-consecutive seats; and
      5. Tickets without event access, such as parking passes, party passes, club passes and pit passes.
    3. Delivery. Sellers must deliver any Tickets purchased by Buyers in accordance with agreed upon timelines and in a manner consistent with the Seller’s listing. If a Buyer does not receive their Tickets in a timely manner, or the Buyer receives Tickets that do not match the Seller’s listing, SeatGeek may cancel the sale and refund the Buyer all amounts paid to the Seller. If Seller believes that it will be unable to deliver Tickets it has sold to a Buyer in a timely manner or need to offer replacement Tickets, Seller must report the issue to SeatGeek immediately at so that we can attempt to resolve the matter. Seller understands that merely reporting any issues it is experiencing in accordance with the prior sentence does not relieve Seller of its obligations to the Buyer. SeatGeek reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate Seller’s Accountif SeatGeek determines, in its sole discretion that Seller has repeatedly failed to deliver Tickets in accordance with these Terms above an acceptable rate.
  3. Seller Warranties. As a Seller, you represent and warrant that: (i) all Tickets you list on the Services (1) are valid, (2) are in your actual physical possession, and (3) are transferable to Buyers; (ii) you have the right to sell the Tickets you list on the Services; (iii) your sale of any Tickets via the Services does not and will not violate the rules or terms and conditions of any venue or event promoter; and (iv) you have not and will not list any Tickets listed on the Services on any other site, platform, channel or medium, while such Tickets are listed on the Services.
  4. Disclaimer. SeatGeek does not guarantee that any Tickets you list on the Services will sell, that you will make any particular amount of money in marketing and selling Tickets on our Services, or that any Buyers will complete any transaction with you or be able to pay for Tickets. Furthermore SeatGeek does not guarantee that any Tickets will be listed on our Services in any particular way or with any preference, or will appear on the Services within any particular period of time.
  5. Event Cancellations and Postponement. SeatGeek will notify Seller of any Cancelled Event. If a Seller requires their Ticket(s) back to obtain a refund of the original purchase price, the Seller must contact SeatGeek at If the Seller has already been paid, the payment made for the sale may be recovered by charging the Seller’s Payment Method or by setting off this amount against pending payments for other Tickets the Seller has or will sell. If an event is postponed, SeatGeek will work with Sellers, on a case-by-case basis, to attempt to resolve the issues. Sellers are prohibited from reselling, invalidating or changing Tickets for postponed events.
  6. Interactions with Buyers. SeatGeek may provide Sellers with certain information related to Buyers, such as their contact information, so that Sellers can send Tickets to them. Sellers are prohibited from using such information for any purpose other than the fulfillment of their obligations in providing purchased Tickets to Buyers. Sellers shall not include, in any shipment to any Buyer, any materials other than the purchased Tickets, including business cards, bookmarks, coupons, flyers, solicitations, contact information or any other marketing or advertising materials.

Payments to Sellers: Taxes. Following SeatGeek’s receipt of money from the Buyer, SeatGeek will remit to Seller the applicable Ticket Price, less any fees, charges, set-off and other amounts to due SeatGeek in accordance with the terms herein. Sellers will not receive any interest or any other earnings on any funds held in a Seller’s Account. As between Seller and SeatGeek, Seller is responsible for all sales and use tax for the sales of his or her Tickets. In accordance with Texas state law, by listing a ticket on SeatGeek to any event that takes place in Texas, Seller certifies to SeatGeek that the sales tax imposed on the original purchase of the ticket was paid.

Indemnification. Seller agrees to indemnify and hold the SeatGeek Parties harmless from any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating to or arising out of Seller’s breach or alleged breach of these Supplemental Terms.