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New York Jets Preseason Details

New York is a town that is dedicated to its sports, and football is no exception. A big reason for that devotion is the New York Jets, who have given the city plenty of reasons to cheer over the years. And in the preseason, the Jets have given the Jets faithful reasons to cheer by putting some of the best young players in the league on the field. With passionate fans to back them, many of those players have been able to parlay preseason success into productive careers.

One such success story has been Sam Darnold at quarterback. Darnold was drafted third in the 2018 NFL Draft, after being passed on by the New York Giants, who took running back Saquon Barkley. Playing in the same stadium as the other New York football team, Darnold had motivation to prove the Giants wrong, and he was able to start that process in the preseason during the summer of 2018. Darnold had a strong rookie year that season, and led the Jets to a win in his first game during that preseason, a 17-0 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

The Jets have also been able to hone their craft defensively during the preseason, something that is incredibly important to a franchise that has hung its hat on the defensive side of the ball. Jets defenders had a particularly strong 2016 on defense, when they allowed no more than 22 points in any of their four preseason games. That defense went on to give up under 100 yards per game rushing that season, putting them among the elite defenses in the league.

In New York, bragging rights is one of the most important things a fan can have thanks to all of the teams playing in the area. And the rivalry between the Jets and Giants is no exception, with many of their matchups taking place in the preseason due to the fact that they are in different conferences. The teams usually play in the third preseason game of the year, where the starters usually play for half of the game or more in what is considered to be the official dress rehearsal for the regular season. The winner of that game, regardless of what happens during the regular season, has something to hold their head high about when the year is done.

When do New York Jets preseason tickets go on sale?

While the exact date that Jets preseason tickets go on sale can vary, fans who want to check the team out in the preseason can expect them to go on sale in the month of April. This coincides with the release of the league’s schedule, when the matchups are announced for each team for the season.

How much do New York Jets preseason tickets cost?

Factors like where each seat is located and who the Jets are playing can cause ticket prices to vary. But the average price to see the Jets in the preseason is $35, with seats closer to the field often being more expensive than seats in upper levels.

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