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About Alternative Genre

The History of Alternative Concerts

A genre of rock, alternative music began making waves in the 1980s and 90s. The term was used in an effort to differentiate those rock bands that had more of a punk feel and didn’t fit into more traditional rock sounds and genres. Alternative music is also found across other genres– in fact, metal, country, pop, and hip-hop all have variations of alternative artists and bands who don’t sound like the more mainstream performers. Alternative music is also known as independent or underground music.

The Live Alternative Concert Experience

Alternative concerts are often held at clubs, underground venues, and hole-in-the-wall spots around the world. Often filled with young, dedicated fans, alternative shows are more intimate and can offer more interaction between the crowd and performers. These concerts are often loud, full of energy, and offer plenty of opportunities to dance and sing along.

Notable Alternative Performers

As this genre has grown in popularity, more and more talented alternative performers have appeared on the scene. Popular alternative bands include Green Day, The Killers, Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, and Twenty One Pilots. Other noteworthy members of this genre include The Cranberries, Cage The Elephant, Rage Against the Machine, and Imagine Dragons.

Noteworthy Alternative Concert Events

While alternative music is a fairly new genre compared to others, there are still tons of cool alternative concerts and festivals to attend. Some of the most popular events include the Wilderness Festival in the UK, as well as Boomtown Fair. Shambala Festival is another popular alternative music event, as is Festival N°6. Of course, there are plenty of smaller alternative shows that are always happening around the world too!

Alternative Concert Schedule Information

Looking to see your favorite alternative artists perform live? Today’s popular alternative artists often tour in cities both big and small as fans are spread far and wide across the states and around the world. You can catch your favorite artist at a fun festival or at a more intimate show in a smaller underground venue. Follow your favorite alternative artists on social media and check out their websites for specific tour dates and information– chances are you’ll find a show near you.

How much are Alternative concert tickets

The average Alternative concert ticket is $134.00. Prices can vary based on artist, seat location, day-of-week, as well as other factors.

How to buy Alternative concert tickets

With a wide variety of price points for every type of fan, SeatGeek is a great resource for Alternative music fans who want to purchase affordable tickets for their favorite Alternative concert and other concerts.

What are the top Alternative music festivals