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AFC Championship Details

A game like the AFC Championship Game does not require any build up or hype beyond one simple fact: the winner of this game goes to the Super Bowl. The stakes don’t get much higher than that in the world of football, and thus the AFC Championship reigns as one of the NFL’s premiere events year after year. If the AFC Championship is going to be played near you, or if your team has qualified for the game and you are planning to see it in person, you are in for a real treat.

The tone of the AFC Championship game can vary dramatically from year to year, depending on the teams involved and what has happened leading up to this point of the playoffs. Sometimes, the game features the top two seeds playing in a highly-anticipated showdown. On other occasions, a surprise team or two makes it through a couple of tough rounds to find themselves only four quarters away from a conference title. No matter how the stage is set, the drama is sure to be high and something is likely to happen that will be remembered for a long time to come.

One of Many Great Games

Fans don’t have to look too far back in the history books to find evidence of great games being played for the AFC Championship. There have been plenty of memorable contests, including a game in 1987 which included a possession now known in football lore simply as ‘The Drive’. The game was played in January of 1987, making it part of the playoffs for the 1986 season. The Denver Broncos and quarterback John Elway, trailing the Cleveland Browns late in the fourth quarter, managed to drive an incredible 98 yards down the field to tie the game. The game would go to overtime, where Denver would win on a field goal. Although the Broncos would eventually lose the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, The Drive remains one of the highlights in franchise history.

Another, more recent example of an AFC Championship classic took place in January of 2007, with two of the best players in NFL history facing off: Peyton Manning of the Colts and Tom Brady of the Patriots. Indianapolis trailed early, 21-3, but Manning came charging back, capping the game with a memorable fourth-quarter drive to win the game with a minute left. Yahoo Sports calls this the greatest AFC Championship Game ever played.

When is the AFC Championship Game played?

This exciting game takes place on the third weekend of the NFL playoffs. The game will be played on Sunday of that weekend, and the time of the game will be determined after the matchup is set.

What happens after the AFC Championship?

This is the last step before the Super Bowl. The winner of the AFC Championship will play the winner of the NFC Championship in the Super Bowl two weeks after these games.

How much do AFC Championship Game tickets cost?

Many factors go into determining demand for an AFC Championship Game ticket, including the matchup, game location, and even the weather. Pricing will vary from year to year.

Where is the AFC Championship Game held?

The higher playoff seed (meaning the lower number seed) has the advantage of hosting this game. This will vary from season to season.

AFC Championship Game Ticket Prices

Date Matchup Avg. Ticket Price
1/13/2011 Jets vs. Steelers $418
1/22/2012 Ravens vs. Patriots $344
1/20/2013 Ravens vs. Patriots $400
1/19/2014 Patriots vs. Broncos $537
1/18/2015 Colts vs. Patriots $453
1/24/2016 Patriots vs. Broncos $500
1/22/2017 Steelers vs. Patriots $640
1/21/2018 Jaguars vs. Patriots $828