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A NFC Championship live event

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For the two teams that manage to make it all the way through to the NFC Championship game, and for the fans of those two teams, the excitement level could hardly be higher. With only one more game to win before securing a spot in the Super Bowl, the NFC Championship Game is filled with drama from start to finish. As one might imagine, many fans feel that this game is a chance to witness one of the biggest moments in their team’s history.

One of the things that makes the football playoffs so exciting is that each and every round is decided by a single game. There are no series to be contested, so every time a team hits the field, everything is on the line. In some ways, this is like having a Game Seven every weekend. Fans thinking about attending the NFC Championship Game in person are sure to be in for a special treat when the teams take the field to settle the conference championship for the year.

Frequently Asked Questions About NFC Championship Tickets and Event Information

What is the NFC Championship?

At the end of the regular NFL season, a series of playoff games with the top six teams in the NFC will take place. The NFC Championship game is one of two semi-final playoff games before the Super Bowl. The winner of the NFC Championship game will then face-off against the winner of the AFC Championship game.

How much are NFC Championship tickets?

NFC Championship ticket prices on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, NFC Championship tickets can be found for as low as $319.00, with an average price of $568.00. Historic NFC Championship Ticket Prices

Date Matchup Avg. Ticket Price
1/23/2011 Packers vs. Bears $688
1/22/2012 Giants vs. 49ers $725
1/20/2013 49ers vs. Falcons $319
1/19/2014 49ers vs. Seahawks $651
1/18/2015 Packers vs. Seahawks $580
1/24/2016 Cardinals vs. Panthers $405
1/22/2017 Packers vs. Falcons $483
1/21/2018 Vikings vs. Eagles $694

Where is the NFC Championship?

Each year, the game is played in the stadium of the team with the highest seed in the NFC playoffs. So, if the #2 seed and the #3 seed are playing for the NFC title, the #2 seed will host the game. As long as the #1 seed remains in the playoffs, that team will play at home (with the exception of the Super Bowl, which is a neutral-site game).

When is the NFC Championship?

The NFC Championship game is played on the third weekend of the NFL playoffs, on Sunday. The game times are determined once the two teams that will be playing in the game have been established.

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