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Dallas Mavericks Playoff Details

The Dallas Mavericks are one of three NBA teams in the state of Texas, and have managed to keep up with all of the success that the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs have piled up. They have done this by putting in strong performances in the playoffs, with one of the greatest players to ever play the game suiting up for the Mavs in the postseason as the team has made its share of memories when the games count most.

That legendary player, of course, is Dirk Nowitzki, who has brought the Mavs to points of success that the team was unfamiliar with before he arrived. Nowitzki is a scorer who got the job done in so many ways, from shooting from the outside to backing defenders down before unleashing his signature one-footed fadeaway jumper, Nowitzki was too hard to guard for even some of the best defenders in the league.

During a stretch from 2001 to 2016, the Mavs only missed the playoffs one time, with Nowitzki and company getting to the NBA Finals twice to double the amount of times they missed the playoffs during that span. And speaking of the NBA Finals, the Mavs managed to cash in in 2011 when they scored one of the biggest upsets in NBA Finals history by beating the Miami Heat.

The Heat were in their first season after acquiring LeBron James and Chris Bosh, and looked every bit the super team that people feared they would be. But in the Finals that year, the Mavericks managed to defend James better than anyone has defended him in the playoffs, giving the Mavs a huge boost. And with timely shooting from role players like Jason Terry, the Mavs got their first title in team history by upsetting the Heat in six games.

Nowitzki received Finals MVP honors for his performance in that series, which was really more about the performance of the team than any one individual. But regardless of who got the credit, it was incredible to see the Mavs finally grab a title against a trio of elite level players like that, as they looked clearly better than a team that ended up winning multiple titles in the years to follow this series.

When Do Mavericks Playoff Tickets Go On Sale?

Tickets to see the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs usually go on sale near the end of March or in early April. When exactly this happens depends on when the Mavs actually clinch a spot in the playoffs. If things are going down to the wire, it may take longer for these tickets to go on sale than if the Mavs had clinched comfortably.

How Much Do Mavericks Playoff Tickets Cost?

Mavericks playoff tickets resell, on average, for $124. But how much each individual ticket costs can be more or less expensive than that based on several factors. Those factors include where a fan wants to sit, who the Mavs are playing in each matchup, and what round of the playoffs are being contested.

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