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Minor League Hockey

There are two minor hockey leagues that farm players into the major league, the American Hockey League and the ECHL.

The Live Minor League Hockey Experience

Hockey is one of the most action-packed sports on the planet. There’s a lot to keep your eye on - players and pucks speeding across, slapshots, fights, etc. Fans attending a minor league hockey game can expect dedicated fans who aren’t afraid to get loud for their team. Depending on what arena you’re in, the crowd can feel louder the higher you sit.

As the first puck drops, the home team typically plays a variety of music to keep fans engaged and making noise at crucial moments. The intimacy of a minor league hockey arena means that players can easily see the benches, the penalty boxes, and on-ice entertainment between periods.

Noteworthy Minor League Hockey Events

Minor league hockey fans enjoy a variety of outdoor games and special events throughout the regular season. The league schedules outdoor games early in the season, including the AHL Outdoor Classic in January. The minor league hockey All-Star Games are in January with rotating host cities.

Minor League Hockey Schedule Information

Minor league hockey’s regular-season schedule begins in early October and ends in April.

How to Buy Minor League Hockey Tickets

Initial sales of minor league hockey tickets takes place over the summer, once the regular season schedule is released. SeatGeek is a great resource for hockey fans who want to purchase affordable tickets for their favorite teams.

Minor League Hockey Ticket Prices

The average ticket price for a minor league hockey game is $30. This rate varies based on team, seat location, day of the week, game demand and playoffs.