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Toad's Place Upcoming Concerts

Toad's Place Concert Schedule

10/18/2018Zion I with lespecialToad's Place
10/19/2018HYPERGLOW: Hyperglow5 New Haven, CT! "America's Largest Glow Party"Toad's Place
10/23/2018Samantha FishToad's Place
10/28/2018DescendentsToad's Place
11/1/2018Battle Of The Bands: Battle of the BandsToad's Place
11/2/2018The BreakfastToad's Place
11/4/2018EDENToad's Place
11/8/2018Hobo JohnsonToad's Place
11/11/2018St. LuciaToad's Place
11/16/2018Derez De'ShonToad's Place
11/20/2018Bas (16+)Toad's Place
11/21/2018Deep Banana BlackoutToad's Place
11/23/2018Chris WebbyToad's Place
11/24/2018FellyToad's Place
12/14/2018Keller Williams with The HillbendersToad's Place
12/21/2018Kung FuToad's Place
12/29/2018Badfish - A Tribute to SublimeToad's Place